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Admission to the Bachelor Programmes


  • Fill in an online application at apply.rgsl.edu.lv
  • Attach a copy of your diploma and diploma supplement (grade transcript) or if not yet graduated, your current term grade transcript. A certified English translation must be provided if the diploma was obtained outside Latvia
  • Write a motivation letter in English. Tell us about your educational, professional and social achievements (max 2 000 characters)
  • Attach a copy of your passport and a passport size photo

RGSL offers free study places to outstanding local secondary school graduates for the academic year 2017/ 2018. The Excellence Award for Outstanding Local Applicant, which covers tuition fees for one semester, has been established to give the most promising students who strive for excellence a chance to choose a quality education in their homeland. RGSL will offer one free study place on each of the Bachelor study programmes:  “Law and Diplomacy” and “Law and Business”.

Applicants from countries requiring a visa for Latvia are required to pay a processing fee of 100 EUR (does not apply to applications from member states of the EU, countries of the European Economic Area and Swiss Confederation). After admission, students that are not residents in Latvia should start the immigration procedure as soon as possible.

An application is considered complete only when RGSL has received the complete application package consisting of all listed documents. Applications may be made before a qualifying diploma or other documentation is available in relation to the application deadline. In that case, the online application must contain an indication of the expected date on which the documentation will be received.


Eligible applicants will be admitted in order of priority based on points awarded for

  • overall grade average on the final or latest grade transcript (priority to applicants with A and B levels according to ECTS) – maximum 60 points;
  • grade in English (priority to applicants with ECTS levels A and B in English) – maximum 30 points;
  • additional points may be awarded for academic and scientific achievements, active participation in youth organisations, and other relevant activities – maximum 10 points.

The minimum grade required for English language is C level according to ECTS. Alternative documentation for the level of proficiency in English may include certificates of an IELTS or TOEFL test, as well as having English as a mother language. Applicants may be invited for an interview at the discretion of the Admissions Committee.

Applicants that are admitted will sign a study agreement and pay the tuition fee shortly after admission, while applicants that are pre-selected will have a place reserved for the regular admission in July. For applicants who will graduate secondary school in 2017, admission and pre-selection is conditional on presenting a secondary school diploma no later than 12 July 2017.

Rules of Admission

Bachelor Programmes
Riga Graduate Schoolof Law
Study Year 2017/2018

The Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL) Rules of admission and order of matriculation (‘the Rules’) are issued in accordance with the requirements of Article 46 of the Law on Higher Education and according to Regulations No 846 of 10 October, 2006 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia on Requirements, criteria and procedure of admission in study programmes.

The Rules contain norms on the mutual rights and obligations of those who wish to study at the Riga Graduate School of Law and of the RGSL itself during the process of admission, as well as requirements as to applicants’ previous education, background, and special aptitude for the particular studies.


1.1. The rightto study – rights of a person to become an applicant and to participate in the competition to become a student at RGSL.
1.2. An applicant – a person who has certified willingness to participate in the competition and applies forstudies at RGSL by written application.
1.3. Candidate – an applicant who has satisfied requirements for studies at the RGSL and may register for studies.
1.4. Matriculation – registering a candidate in the list of persons studying in higher educational establishments (matricula).
1.5. Admissions Committee – the committee that conducts and evaluates the competition.
1.6. Undertaking studies – start of the study programme.


2.1. The Admissions Committee is appointed by an order issued from the Rector of RGSL and operates under the Rules of the Admissions Committee.
2.2. All persons matriculated into the RGSL are students.
2.3. Studies at RGSL are open to citizens or residents of all countries without any discrimination, if the norms of legislation of the Republic of Latvia and requirements of the Rules of admission are fulfilled.


3.1. Admission to the Bachelor programmes is available to persons with a secondary school degree or a degree considered equivalent to an education necessary to undertake studies at RGSL, with English language skills and a certificate average grade of at least ECTS C level (equivalent to Latvian 7 points). RGSL may as an alternative offer applicants access to a special entrance exam.
3.2. The application should be submitted in a format determined by RGSL.
3.3. The following documents should be attached to the application form:
3.3.1        a certified copy of the diploma and diploma transcript with an English translation (if the diploma is issued outside Latvia);
3.3.2        a passport copy (page with photo and personal data).
3.4. Applicants who will receive their diploma from previous studies later than on the date of application, can submit the application with a reference to the expected date of receipt of their diploma, which, however, may not be later than the date on which the study year at RGSL starts.
In this case an interim transcript/academic record should be submitted along with the application.
3.5. If the diploma or degree is obtained outside Latvia, academic recognition has to be conducted by the Latvian Academic Information Centre (AIC). The RGSL requests a review from AIC of the foreign diploma/degree. Upon successful recognition of the diploma/degree, the application is registered by RGSL. The final decision regarding the qualification for admission is taken by RGSL Admissions Committee.
3.6. An application is considered complete only when RGSL has received all stated documents.
3.7. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to invite applicants for individual interviews.


4.1. Criteria determined for admission to bachelor degree programmes:
4.1.1         Proficiency in English (may be documented by a course grade at the ECTS level of C or higher, but alternative documentation may also be submitted);
4.1.2         The average grade in certificate corresponding to ECTS level of C or higher.
4.1.3         If there are more applicants than study places, the order of application submission, grade averages, relevant activities, and the result of any interviews and entrance exams are taken into account.
4.1.4         Final decisions for admission are taken by the Admissions Committee.
4.2. Applicants will be notified electronically within three working days after decisions have been made (after deadlines).
4.3. All information about the admission procedure can be obtained from the RGSL Head of Study Department or the Programme Director.
4.4. The decision of the Admissions Committee may be appealed within two working days by application to the Rector of RGSL. The decision of the Rector may be appealed to the courts as stated by the Administrative Procedure Law of Latvia.


5.1. The candidate is matriculated only after a study contract is signed and receipt of the first installment per the study contract.
5.2. The order of matriculation is issued by the Rector of RGSL.

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