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044a20ad55076ee0ab0a0640a82c73b7In memory of the late Kristīne Krūma, prorector of Riga Graduate School of Law and a former Judge of the Latvian Constitutional Court, her relatives and friends – Ivars Indāns, Mārtiņš Paparinskis and Ieva Miļūna – have established the Kristīne Krūma Memory Scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship is to support studies on the “Legal science” Master’s programme at the University of Latvia and studies on the Master’s programme at Riga Graduate School of Law.

The criteria for obtaining a scholarship to study on the Master’s programme at Riga Graduate School of Law:

  • the candidate has been admitted to the Master’s programme at Riga Graduate School of Law;
  • the candidate demonstrates special interest in international and European law.

Informal criterion: candidate has very good grades in legal science studies (average grade – over 8)
The amount of scholarship: one year tuition fee of 5500 EUR or 3000 EUR/per academic year.
In one academic year, the candidate may receive only one scholarship financed by patrons of the University of Latvia Foundation. A student may not be a candidate for the scholarship if in a working relationship with Riga Graduate School of Law.

Applications for Kristine Kruma Memory Scholarship for the academic year 2017/2018 will open on 4 September.

How to donate?

The scholarship is administered by the University of Latvia Foundation, with whom a donation agreement can be concluded.
A donation noting “Kristīne Krūma Memory Scholarship Code 1089” can be transfered to one of the accounts of the University of Latvia Foundation

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