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Facts and figures

Studying at RGSL offers a unique blend of the international and the local, in the sense that the quality of teaching is at the top international level, while the attention and care given to the students is very local and individual. This makes it possible to gain international experience and competence while remaining in the comfort of a local environment.

Competence of teachers

RGSL has a resident faculty as well as a very large international faculty that comes to Riga to teach specialised courses. The faculty represents academic excellence, and at the same time offers substantial practical experience, leading to teaching that is both soundly based and highly relevant for career development.

Student participation forms an important aspect of all programmes. During discussions, professors ensure that the class as a whole move forward in learning and that students have occasion to apply their newly-gained knowledge.

Distinctive study programmes

RGSL offers a full range of education, starting with Bachelor programmes, through graduate studies on Masters programmes, to post-graduate studies for the award of a PhD. All RGSL diplomas are internationally recognised and warrant that the student has achieved a high level of academic and professional development.

Studies are based on interdisciplinary student research activities. Class sessions form a platform for discussion, so as to enhance the learning experience gained from studies, combining lectures with small group seminars. The learning experience is further enhanced by moot courts and other role-plays or simulations.

International atmosphere

Riga and Latvia are located at the very centre of the Baltic States. Latvia forms part of several interlocking regions, as a Member State of the European Union, as part of the Nordic region, and as a portal to Eastern Europe.

Currently, students at RGSL come from up to 20 different countries, and almost 50 % are international students. Erasmus students are welcome, based on agreements between RGSL and the individual educational institutions. The course catalogue provides a wide range of relevant courses for Erasmus exchange.

Attractive employment opportunities

Law firms, banks, and international companies recruit RGSL graduates for their excellent knowledge of European and international issues – and fluent English. Parliaments, ministries, government agencies, and courts also highly regard RGSL graduates. The web site of RGSL serves as an important reference point.

Evidence of the quality of education at RGSL is the high employment rate of our alumni at the international level, including positions at the European Commission, the European Court of Justice, the European Council, and the European Parliament as well as the European Court of Human Rights, the World Bank and the United Nations.

Student environment

RGSL encourages an active student life both at the academic and social level. All modern study facilities are available at RGSL, including high speed internet. The library offers access to databases and online academic publications, which students may also access remotely.

Many teaching facilities are shared with the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, creating a campus atmosphere and adding to the international atmosphere. The student and faculty canteen shared by the two institutions forms a daily contact point for students.


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