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Most RGSL alumni, myself included, like to say that RGSL teaches you a certain “way of thinking” rather than just basic academic knowledge. By using intellectually stimulating and practical approaches, this broad and open minded “way of thinking” has been the key quality RGSL has given me as a young professional.
Marta Cera, Law and Business, 2015; International and European Law, 2017 (expected)
Lawyer at Law Firm “PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal”

RGSL is like a journey through time – outside the school door you’re busy with local tasks but once you walk into the school an international, dynamic and open environment meets you. About RGSL I can say that it is definitely a place where everyone can spread their wings. Each subject is an exquisite improvisation where each student is given a comprehensive academic base on which they can become a virtuoso on specific topics.
Baiba Jugane – Lintere, Legal Linguistics, 2014
Director, Department of Judicial Cooperation
Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia

Riga Graduate School of Law is a unique choice for professionals working in public administration and businesses in the European Union. Studies in English prepare students for work in international environment, while the wide selection of specialised and multi-disciplinary programmes allows choosing the perfect fit for one’s professional skills and knowledge.
Dace Kalsone, International and European Law, 2011
Euro Project Manager, Ministry of Finance of Latvia

RGSL impressed me not only with its high level of quality, but also with its friendly atmosphere.  Time spent at the RGSL provided me with knowledge and confidence.  I can recommend the RGSL Law and Finance Programme to anyone who seeks an education with added value.
Reinis Bērziņš, Law and Finance, 2011

Thanks to RGSL, I represent a new generation of entrepreneurs who are well-rounded and can perceive things from multiple angles. If you are undecided about studying at RGSL, just ask yourself if you want someone else, who was trained by international faculty in a very dynamic and modern institution, to compete with you in your profession or you rather want to be the one yourself.
Vadims Šeršņovs, Law and Business, 2013
Co-founder, head of strategic development, SETCO

The school does not teach rules, formulae and theories that have to be memorised.  Instead, you learn how to think, judge, argue and carry out research, and all of that happens in English.
Krista Lubgane, Law and Diplomacy, 2013
Student in the RGSL International and EU Law Master’s Degree Programme

Among other top-tier law schools which specialise in international and European law, the RGSL has created a distinctive approach in terms of serving as a crossroads of Western Baltic, Scandinavian and Caucasian influences.  Students are exposed to leading in-house and visiting lecturers, international judges and diplomats, and the administration of the school is excellent.  The diversity of students and an active urban lifestyle cannot be underestimated while pursuing international studies.
Kushtrim Istrefi, International and European Law, 2009
Visiting fellow in international law at the Graduate Institute, Geneva
Lecturer in international and European law at the University of Pristina, Kosovo

With bachelor’s and master’s degree in general translation and terminology, all along my true linguistic fascination was with the language of law. I saw RGSL’s Legal Linguistics programme as an opportunity to specialize more narrowly in translation and as a perfect starting point for delving deeper into exploration of the intricate relationship between law and language. RGSL didn’t let me down in this respect.
Agnis Leonovičs, Legal Linguistics, 2011
Translator/Legal linguist, AS Swedbank

The “Law and Finance” programme surpassed all my expectations. Professors were very experienced, and delivered the courses professionally. The courses were very useful, up to date and applicable to real life. And the course schedule allowed me to fly in for modules while working abroad.
Olga Bondare, Law and Finance, 2010
Finance Manager, BIC in Ukraine

The year spent in Riga can be described as one of the most unforgettable times in my life both academically and socially. I met dozens of amazing people from all over the world and enjoyed the warm atmosphere of the RGSL family. Certainly, I can freely state that the School is a great part in my formation as a human rights lawyer.
Levan Meskhoradze, Public International Law and Human Rights, 2007
State Representative to the European Court of Human Rights at Ministry of Justice of Georgia

My decision to study at RGSL was based on the different objectives, but the main reason why I chose to study here were word of mouth, I had heard from my acquaintances that RGSL is the best law school in Baltic region with very high teaching quality.
Philip Alexander Kraus, European and International Law, 2008
Technische Universität Darmstadt, Member of the Department for Civil and Company Law

I have always believed that a real and long lasting knowledge lies in understanding of processes and principles and not in the specialization, therefore L&B was perfect match for me. It is all about the effort you invest and outcome you are willing to get out RGSL. If you use the time wisely, apart from unique academic knowledge you will get a network of amazing and ambitious people around you, an extraordinary work ethics and built up personality, and higher than ever ambitions. So it is worth it.
Arturs Ivanovs, Law and Business, 2013
Senior Project Manager at Nords Porter Novelli

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