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27 November, 2017 Riga Graduate School of Law
Open Masters Course: Monetary Policy

Faculty:  Paolo Paesani, Associate Professor (Italy) from the University of Rome Tor Vergata and Vice Dean of the School of Economics. Paolo’s research interests include macroeconomics, European economics and history of economic thought. In 2017 Paolo has published on two subjects: post-crisis views on economic policy, capitalism and international monetary reform as well as the wartime economy and the theory of price controls. He holds Ph.D in Economics from the European University Institute.

About the course: The course provides a comprehensive overview of the basic notions of money, credit, interest rates, and financial markets. It also focuses on banks, risks to banking activity, central banking and financial system. Furthermore, it provides an insight into institutional structure, goals, strategy and operating procedures of the European Central Bank. Finally, the course discusses the monetary policy transmission mechanism in the context of an open economy.

Dates: November 27, 29 & December 1, 2, 4, 5 & January 8-13

Course outline is available here. 

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