Kitija Freija

Kitija Gruškevica

Board member. Representing University of Latvia

PhD cand. (University of Latvia)
M.Sc. in Management (University of Latvia, 2005)
Master of Law (LPA, 2002)
Dipl. Iur (LPA, 2002)

Professional engagement

Council member, Judicial Training Centre of Latvia
Chairman of the board, RGSL Foundation
Board member, Upward Association
Co-founder, The Knowledge Triangle Network
Chief of Rally HQ, FIA European Rally Championship&Latvian Rally Championship 2013

Significant Professional Experience

2014-                 Deputy Rector, University of Latvia   
2007-2014:       Director, Riga Graduate School of Law
2011 - 2012:     Leading expert, Conception „Boriss and Inara Teterev Foundation Programme for Excellence in Education“
2003 - 2007:     Managing director, University of Latvia, Faculty of Modern Languages
2006 - 2007:     Manager, ESF Project „Improving the foreign language skills of students of natural sciences and technology intensive sectors”
2005 - 2007:     Lecturer, University of Latvia
2002 - 2003:     Head of the Education, Statistics and Public Relations Department, Secretariat of the Special Assignment Minister for Child and Family Affairs
2001 - 2002:     Head of the Education and Public Relations Department, State Centre for the Protection of the Rights of the Child