May 20, 2011

21 May

Open Day at the Riga Graduate School of Law on 21 May. Special offer for the potential students of the Legal Linguistics programme will be announced.

If you wish to become an outstanding professional with a successful career in law, business, linguistics or diplomacy, you will be at the right place and time on 21 May 2011 at 11.00 at the Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL).

RGSL offers Bachelor and Masters programmes with specialization in law and business, diplomacy, European Union law and policy, public international law and human rights, transborder commercial law, law and finance, and legal linguistics. The opportunity to study at the Riga Graduate School of Law is very valuable indeed. RGSL offers the foundation for a prestigious career in government and private business by providing high quality education in English. RGSL alumni can be found at the European Commission, European Court of Justice, European Parliament, World Bank, United Nations, and international business corporations.

Excellent teachers are the main asset of the RGSL, offering internationally competitive knowledge in their areas of competence. A considerable part of the curriculum is taught by visiting professors from internationally recognized universities and organizations. Many courses also involve contributions from leading practitioners in the relevant sectors and working for international institutions such as the European Court of Human Rights, European Court of Justice, the ICC International Court of Arbitration, the International Criminal Court, and others. 

This year the RGSL has a great offer for potential students of the Legal Linguistics Master Programme – 10 student grants financed by the Latvian State for 2011/2012 study year. In addition, for the first time RGSL will award tuition fee waivers of 50% to eight students of the Legal Linguistics masters programme.

Additional information about the special offer for the Legal Linguistics programme.