NEWS AND EVENTS / Open Day at RGSL. Free study places awarded to the potential students - Elina Vaivode and Ella Mikute

Mar 07, 2011

8 March

Open Day at RGSL. Free study places awarded to the potential students - Elina Vaivode and Ella Mikute

At the Open Day event of Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL), which was attended by nearly 200 potential students, there were drawn two lots for free studies - one of bachelor studies and the other for master studies - for the academic year 2011/2012. The prizes were awarded to:

ELINA VAIVODE (bachelor programme)

ELLA MIKUTE (masters programmes)

The draw of free study places followed a programme composed of a video welcome by the rector George Ulrich, a presentation of the study environment and the individual programmes, and a social get together between current and potential students, as well as faculty and staff of RGSL.

Presentation of the RGSL bachelor programmes

Presentation of the RGSL masters programmes

Elina Vaivode and RGSL Associate professor Peter Gjortler

"Right now I am studying in Riga Secondary School No. 64.  This is my last year in high school, so as for all of the 12th grade students the main question is – what to do after finishing school? I always had a very clear vision what I would like to do and where I would like to be in future, but if I want to reach these goals, I need to develop myself in as many ways as possible. Now I have an opportunity to study Law and Business at Riga Graduate School of Law, which is, in my opinion, the best programme offered for me and my future career. Winning this prize was very unexpected, but most of all – extremely shocking. I had never won anything like this in my life. This is the best prize that I could ever get, therefore now I have an opportunity to study in this school that will give me the basis to make my dreams and targets come true."
Elina Vaivode

Ella Mikute and RGSL Associate professor Peter Gjortler

"I have graduated from Latvian Police Academy and obtained higher legal education. However, taking into account my current work, which deals with international law issues I have chosen International and European Law programme at RGSL. This is a great opportunity to implement knowledge into practice. I was indeed astonished to win the free study place for the 2011/2012 academic year."
Ella Mikute