NEWS AND EVENTS / RGSL students have successfully taken part in “International Negotiation Competition for Law Students”

Jul 04, 2011

The International Negotiation Competition for Law Students was held from June 27th till July 1stin Copenhagen, Denmark. The competition started 14 years ago, and since that time more and more law schools from all over the world have been willing to take part there. And this year for the first time a team from RGSL, represented by master students Laura Ratniece and Anete Puče, took part in this globally recognized competition. 

During the competition the RGSL team competed with teams from the United States, Canada and Singapore, and successfully used the knowledge, acquired in RGSL, in order to achieve the best results.

 Although the team from Singapore won the competition this year, the team from RGSL was approved by other competitiors and judges. Both - Laura and Anete – appeciates the positive experience and hope that RGSL will take part in the “International Negotiation Competition for Law Students” next times as well, in that way confirming that RGSL students are capable to compete with other students from other globally recognized law schools.

Publication in "Jurista Vards", 12 June 2011.