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We are proud to announce the new members of the RGSL Senate and Constitutional Assembly. These positions are valid until May 2020.

Constitutional Assembly

Chairman – Janis Ikstens

Deputy – Waleed Gumaa

Secretary – Andrejs Gailis

Faculty Representatives – Mel Kenny,  Inese Druviete, Ineta Ziemele, Ieva Miluna, Christy Lynne Kollmar

Administration Representative – Santa Jastrebova

Student Representative – Olga Karline Henkele


Chairman – Mel Kenny

Vice Chairwoman – Ieva Miluna

Secretary – Ligita Gjortlere

Faculty Representatives – Inese Druviete, Ineta Ziemele, Toms Krumins, Waleed Gumaa, Christy Lynne Kollmar.

Student Representatives – Ieva  Kruzmane, Janis Adamsons

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