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New publication in RGSL Research Papers series by RGSL Alumni Sandra Lielbarde “Concept of seafarer before and after the Maritime Labour Convention 2016: Comparative analysis of the legal effects of defining legal concepts in the shape of legal terminology”.

The Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC) came into force on August 2013 and is considered to be an important international regulation as regards securing seafarers’ rights. This article presents research on the concept of seafarer in maritime labour regulation from the perspective of legal linguistics. The article examines international maritime labour law, the MLC and national (Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, and UK ) maritime labour law in order to identify the impact of the MLC on the concept of seafarer in maritime labour law, as well on the application of the MLC to those employed on board a ship in general.

The article is based on the the author’s distinction-awarded Master’s thesis “Concept of seafarer and shipowner: before and after the Maritime Labour Convention 2006” defended at the Riga Graduate School of Law in January, 2015. The article reflects the state of affairs in respect of the concept of seafarer as at 6 January 2017.

The author is grateful to Alla Pozdnakova and Hans Jacob Bull, Professors at the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law of Oslo University, Terje Hernes Pettersen from the Norwegian Seafarers’ Union, Angelica Gjestrum, ITF Co-ordinator in Oslo, and Hege Ajer Petterson from the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association. The views expressed in this Article are solely the author’s and mistakes, if any, are the responsibility of the author.

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