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On 1 February, RGSL  Professor Ineta Ziemele spoke at Humboldt University in Germany. She shared her views on the role of constitutional courts in the globalized world in a speech titled ‘Constitutional Courts as Lock-Gates in the World of International-National Tension’.
Since 2000, Humboldt University has been giving the floor to prominent European opinion leaders to reflect on important issues faced by the European Union. Previously, heads of states such as Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Emmanuel Macron have taken part in the series of public lecture at Humboldt University.
Ineta Ziemele has emphasized that: ‘the Constitutional Courts of EU Member States, having in most cases the last say with regard to sovereignty of a state, take a central place in defining how freedom and power associated with sovereignty ought to be used in the world of supranational institutions and increased integration of international community. That makes them particularly important actors in the debate on the evolving understanding of sovereignty or indeed lock-gates in the world of multiple tensions. Given the history of the Republic of Latvia, its constitutional discourse is a good example of these challenges’.
The speech is available here






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