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It has been a busy start of the year for the RGSL team in charge of developing a new Master Programme in Law and Technology. It is no surprise that technological development is disrupting traditional business models and challenging norms of governance. Digitalisation, alternative finance, sharing economy, cyber warfare and crypto-currency to name a few, are all forcing industries and governments to adjust. Academic institutions too must change and take part in helping to understand and manage the complex relationships in every aspect of technological development, including law.

RGSL aims to launch its new Law and Technology Master Programme this autumn. It will empower students with academic knowledge and practical skills to navigate the complex regulatory environment. Furthermore, the programme aims to equip the students with necessary competencies to succeed in the technological landscape. The programme is designed for legal professionals, entrepreneurs, ICT industry specialists as well as public sector policy makers

As Sergey Jakimov, board member of the Latvian Startup Association said: ‘In the world of digital economies and innovative business models, one should find it increasingly important to seek closing the gap between legislation and technological advancement. Addressing the relationship between law and technology in one academic offering is key to allow its graduates to extend their knowledge, navigate, and shape the world of regulation for emerging innovations.’

Today the team met to review the documentation necessary for the licensing of the new programme. At the meeting RGSL director Inga Bratena thanked all partners who helped and advised RGSL on the content of the new programme: ‘RGSL is known for its strategy to offer interdisciplinary programmes. We have listened to our stakeholders very carefully and were able to design a programme which will not only fill a gap in legal education but also provide thought leadership on law and technology.’

If you are interested to learn more about the Law and Technology programme, check out RGSL booth at TechChill (8-9 February) or contact Master’s Programme Director Waleed Gumaa.

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