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On 19 March the RGSL Family commenced the celebration of RGSL 20-year anniversary. Acting Rector Janis Ikstens addressed students, faculty and staff to highlight the defining value of RGSL: ‘When I think of RGSL, one word comes to my mind – ambition. During the early days it was the ambition of the Government of Latvia to become the Member State of the European Union and the ambition to transform legal education in Latvia to support the accession. This ambition was backed by the Government of Sweden that was very hopeful about the transformations in the Baltic Region and helped to establish RGSL. Furthermore, it was a personal ambition of the Director of the Soros Foundation Latvia Vita Matīsa to place RGSL in one of the most beautiful buildings in Riga’.

‘After the establishment in 1998, RGSL continued its ambitious growth by adding a range of interdisciplinary Bachelor’s programmes to its well-regarded Master’s programmes. Moreover, RGSL launched short-duration programmes for professionals from the EU partnership countries on EU law, economy and policy. Both the Advanced Programme and the Intensive programme have become highly successful and continue to enjoy support of a wide range of benefactors’.

Janis Ikstens highlighted the next ambitious projects at RGSL: ‘RGSL has received a Jean Monnet grant to boost its academic potential by organizing conferences and engaging with scholars from the EU and its neighbouring countries. In addition, we are developing a new Masters programme on Law and Technology that will be the first law programme in Latvia addressing ICT sector’.

The RGSL Family praised the contribution of all staff and faculty members and particularly Ligita Gjortlere, Head of the Library and lecturer who is with RGSL since day one.

RGSL will continue marking the anniversary with stakeholders, industry and policy-makers on 23 May in a conference devoted to the future of legal education. In addition, RGSL will be welcoming its alumni at the 20th Graduation and Homecoming party on 28 June.

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