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Anna Vladimirova-Kryukova (LL.M)

Visiting Lecturer
Data Protection


LL.M (Riga Graduate School of Law, 2012)
Bachelor in Law (Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO), 2011)

Significant Professional Experience

  • Associate, Law office “Spridzans” (since 2015)
  • Internship at the Center for Research in Information Management, the University of Illinois at Chicago (2016)
  • Associate, AS “BDO Latvia” (2014-2015)
  • Associate, Law firm “VARUL” (2013-2014)
  • Associate, Law firm “BDO Zelmenis & Liberte” (2012-2013)


  • “Profile, “Like”, Personal Data and Property Rights”, Ir, http://www.irlv.lv/2016/8/18/profils-like-personas-dati-un-ipasuma-tiesibas, 2016
  • “Do Children Have Any Rights for Their Data Protection in Internet?”, Ir, http://www.irlv.lv/2016/8/12/vai-berniem-ir-tiesibas-uz-savu-datu-aizsardzibu-interneta, 2016
  • ““Panama Papers” as the indicator of the personal data protection crisis”, Ir http://www.irlv.lv/2016/5/20/panamas-faili-ka-indikators-personas-datu-aizsardzibas-krizei, 2016
  • “Panama papers and personal data protection in the EU”, Dienas Bizness, 2016
  • “Currency Control Regulation in Russia: Is It Worth Having a Bank Account Abroad?”, Dienas Bizness, 2016
  • “Deoffshorization Steps in Russia”, Dienas Bizness, 2015
  • “Is Latvia education as bad as it is stated by experts?”, Web-portal “Alternatives in Latvia”(“Alternatīvas Latvijā”), 2013
  • “How should Latvia as the EU Member state should structure its agricultural policy?”, Web-portal “Alternatives in Latvia”(“Alternatīvas Latvijā”), 2012
  • “Right to Water and Sanitation: Step Forward or Burden?” (In the Proceeding of the International scientific and practical conference, Kharkiv, Ukraine/  Міжнародна науково-практична конференція “Весняні юридичні читання”; Весенние юридические чтения : Материалы Международной научно-практической конференции «Весенние юридические чтения» (27-28 апреля 2012 г., Харьков, Украина). – Х. : ИФИ, 2012. – 296 с.) pages 269-273, 2012
  • “Why should or should not the Guantanamo Bay detainees be afforded of the prisoners of war status?” (Наукові читання, присвячені пям’яті В.М.Корецького: Зб. наук.праць/Киівський ун-т права НАН Украіни; [редкол: Шемшеченко Ю.С., Бошицький Ю.Л., Чернецька О.В. та ін.]. – К.: Від-во Европейського ун-ту, 2012. 444 с.), pages 428-430, 2012
  •  “Protection from the protectors”, (http://opec.ru/1335590.html), Expert Channel “Open Economy”, 2010
  •  “Social basis of modernisation”, (http://opec.ru/1336267.html), Expert Channel “Open Economy”, 2010
  • “Struggle for the growth and the place in the world order”, (http://opec.ru/1340454.html), Expert Channel “Open Economy”, 2011

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