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Bogumila Hall (PhD)

Visiting Fellow
EU Decision Making – Institutional Law


PhD in Sociology, European University Institute (EUI), 2016
MA in Social and Political Sciences, European University Institute, 2011
MA in Sociolgy, Jagiellonian University, 2010
MA in Middle East Studies, Jagiellonian University, 2010

Significant Professional Experience

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS), 2017-
  • Research Assistant, Center on Social Movement Studies, SNS, 2016
  • PhD Candidate in Social and Political Sciences, EUI, 2010-2016

Current research

  • ‘Cry-out’: Political engagements and visions of Europe among the European Youth
  • Stories of Resiliance: Yemen’s popular revolution, war and exile

Completed research:

  • The ERC Advanced Grant Project ‘Mobilizing for Democracy’: social movements participation in democratization processes, from transition to the deepening of democracy
  • Subaltern struggles, Contentious states. Life, politics and agency of the marginalized groups in Yemen and Israel.

Main publications

  • 2017   Social Movements and Civil War: When Protests for Democratization Fail. Abingdon, UK:Routledge. Co-authored with Donatella della Porta, Daniel P. Ritter, Teije Hidde Donker and Emin Polijarevic
  • 2017   “Yemen’s failed transition: From peaceful protests to war of ‘all against all’”. In: Social Movements and Civil War: When Protests for Democratization Fail. Abingdon, UK:   Routledge. Donatella della Porta, B. Hall, Teije Hidde Donker, Emin Polijarevic and Daniel P. Ritter.
  • 2014 “Bedouins’ Politics of Place and Memory: a case of unrecognized villages in the Negev”, Nomadic Peoples, 18 (2)

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