RESEARCH AT RGSL / Our projects

Riga Graduate School of Law has considerable experience in running and managing a variety of projects.

Different type of projects implemented by faculty, administrative staff and students since the school’s foundation include:

  • investment and fund raising projects,
  • library development projects,
  • research projects,
  • student and faculty mobility projects,
  • continuing and life long learning projects.

At present, the Riga Graduate School of Law is leading or actively participating in the following research projects:

JEUCON Project (Judicial EU Competition Network)

EUPHRA: The European Universities on Professionalization on Humanitarian Action

QUALETRA – Quality in Legal Translation

Annual Report on Fundamental Rights in Latvia for the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

DelExPol – Evaluating the Post-Lisbon Effects of Delegation in the EU External Relations

Member States’ Constitutions and EU Integration

Human Rights Research Methodology: Key Issues and Approaches

Impact of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Case Law on Democratic Changes and Developments in Eastern Europe

ILEC – Involuntary Loss of European Citizenship

Study on case-law relating to trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation

In recent past, the Riga Graduate School of Law was leading or actively participating in the following research projects:

PRIV-WAR – Regulating Privatisation of War

JUSTMEN – Menu for Justice

INTEC – National Integration Policies

Mediation: Status Quo in Europe and Overseas. Options for countries in transition

Study on Synergies and Linkages between Danish Efforts to Promote Human Rights at the Multilateral Level and in Development Cooperation

Study on Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights in the Decisions of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia

OSI – Open Society Institute (Scholarships for the Public International Law and Human Rights programme (LL.M))