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Law and Finance

2016/2017 academic year

Babakova Jekaterina
Potential legal ramifications of passing of property in international sale transactions under English Law: when the sale is not a sale

Bērziņa-Jonāne Elīna
The Concept of Transfer of an Undertaking, VAT evasion: The Case of Latvia

Bukovska Māra
Market-based financing for small and medium sized enterprise: developing alternative markets in Latvia

Dzenis Edgars
Strategic choices of a Latvian manufacturing company under the impact of EU sanctions

Freimanis Mikus
A prospectus – one of the main regulatory hurdles for execution of an IPO or an appropriate legal tool on explaining risks in a manner ensuring that potential investors are well informed?

Fridmans Maksims
Development of EU public procurement regulation and concept of contract award criteria

Ķikuste Gundega
Sources of financing for SME business in Latvia, access to mezzanine loan and creditor rights and protection in Lavian law.

Lāce Līva
Preventing money laundering in the European Union, Central Register of Beneficial Ownership

Ostrovska Tīna
Deficiencies in regulation and implementation of criminally acquired property process

Semjonovs Vladislavs
Parallel trade of pharmaceutical products in the EU and its impact on innovation in the pharmaceutical industry, and on the aggregate consumer welfare

Sossedenko Mariya
Right of Access to the Sea and Landlocked Developing Countries

Šnaiders Alens
Do Financial Sandboxes have the potential within the European legal environment?

2015/2016 academic year

Dauburs Mārtiņš
The role of bankruptcy regulation for airlines and their stakeholders – lessons from the US

Jakimovs Sergejs
Cross-border investment of intangible assets in the European Union: a case of Latvian-Polish IP transfer as an illustration for the lack of unified framework

Johansson Andrew David
Introducing tax increment financing (TIF) as a mechanism to spur economic development in the EU

Kollmar Christy Lynne
A blind casting into the evidential sea: a closer look at how undermining a defendant’s fundamental rights in investigatory proceedings can decrease the efficacy and sustainability of leniency programs

Marenis Mārtiņš
Renewable energy support systems linkage with countries energy portfolio

Ovčarenko Iļja
MiFID I: the implementation of Best Execution requirements and the impact on investor protection in AS ABLV

Rīgavs Dāvis
Unlocking capital through capital markets union

Samuša Annija
Modernization of the current cannabis legal framework and its potential economic gains

Skroderis Jānis
The provisions on access to the European Union’s road haulage market: existing legislation on cabotage, its shortfalls and impact

Sokolova Darja
Peer-to-peer lending and the issue of unregulated marketplace in Latvia. Regulatory implications and policy suggestions at the EU and national levels

Strohmayer Matthias
Posting of Workers within the European Union: the Enforcement Directive 2014/67/EU and shortfalls of existing legislation

Tuševs Ignats
Resolution of banking crises in Europe: “Recent regulatory developments and their implications to the European Union member states”

Zilgalve Zanda
Promotion of the inflow of cross border donations into Latvia from the other Member States of the European Union: risks, restrictions and feasibility from the legislation perspective

2014/2015 academic year

Auzane Liga
Goodbye to intra-EU roaming! Legal aspects of the connected continent roaming provision and its financial implication to Latvian mobile operator Latvijas Mobilais Telefons

Bisere Erika
Foreign direct investment in the European Union: current legal issues

Burcena Jurijs
Regulation of bitcoin around the world

Dabols Janis
The Latvian banks under the Rule of Basel III

Dzigulska Julija
Latvia’s unique property regime – necessary or just desired changes due?

Grants Martins
Legal and financial aspects of insurance fraud in Latvia

Karkle Dace
Detailed assessment of individual state aid to R&D&I

Kehris Elmars
Peer to peer lending platforms implementation in Latvian financial sector

Kokars Arturs
Dilemma of liberalization and actual restrictions of free access to airport infrastructure

Kuzmenko Vladislavs
Modern commodity market issues: financial, legal and regional aspects related to Latvia

Lielkalne Baiba
Shareholder engagement: the case of Latvian listed companies

Muradli Vafa
The legal and economic framework of natural gas supply in the EU: Shah Deniz Stage 2 – a promising way to secure the European energy market

Sile Ieva
The scope of public regulation in financial markets

Tiliks Maris
From Basel I to Basel III: economic and juridical implications of changing banking regulation in Latvia

Timofejeva Agnese
The banking union: the new EU regulatory framework and its implications on the non-resident oriented banks in Latvia

2013/2014 academic year

Laura Apoga
Contrariety between EU regulatory measures and EU maritime transport policy aims – implementation of amended Sulphur Directive in Baltic SECA

Mareks Gruškevics
Monetary exchange rate in Latvia: economic and legal implications

Irina Gūtmane
Cross-border mergers in Europe from legal and business perspectives

Liene Pūgule-Kraučuka
A critical evaluation of private antitrust enforcement: actions on damages

Anna Kravčuka
Self-regulation of electronic commerce inside the European Union

Signe Mangule
Putting a price on carbon: financial implications of the European Union emissions trading system (EU ETS)

Alma Ozoliņa
Corporate social responsibility anti-corruption practices and instruments in private companies: financial impact and success

Agnese Rone (Munica)
Absolute priority rule in implementing debt for equity swaps under Latvian insolvency law and reorganisation practice

Violeta Šilova
Laval case. 10 years after

Jānis Tiesnieks
Debt to equity swap in insolvency proceedings: comparison of Latvian, UK and German law

Māris Viņķelis
Recent changes in banking regulation and their impact on Swedish banks and their business operations in Latvia

Barbara Žuromska
The debt-equity tax bias


2012/2013 academic year

Hala Abou Shakra
Stock market integration in the GCC countries: a key to enhanced GCC capital markets

Gvido Bajārs
Business model for commercialization of new technologies

Natālija Cera
Liability insurance solutions for temporary work agencies operating in Latvia

Lība Ēce-Kalniņa
Legal and financial aspects of a sale of part of a company in Latvia

Dmitrijs Geraskins
Legal and financial aspects of the application of international risk valuation systems in Latvian leasing enterprises

Dmitrijs Kačalovs
Public-private partnership and its application in the development of the preschool education infrastructure in Latvia

Andris Kalniškāns
Natural person’s insolvency formation and development in Latvia

Aleksandrs Ļeščinskis
Commercial secrets of a capital company

Gints Poris
Roadblocks to e-procurement in Latvia

Elina Sigal
Competition and antitrust regulatory legislation impact on small businesses in Latvia, as a European Union member state

Olga Sļivkina
The balance between social welfare and business interest managing pension funds

Edgars Tumass
Harmonization of the European legislation in the field of small vessels fuelling in inland waters of the European Union in order to reduce the impact on the environment and increase the safety of the fuelling process

2011/2012 academic year

Guļčenko Julija
Legal and financial aspects of potential privatization of the Latvenergo group of companies

Jevdokimovs Imants
Cross border restructuring of Latvian limited companies in the light of recent development in EU company law and the impact on Latvian company law

Koreņevs Andrejs
The economic impact of the Rotterdam rules

2010/2011 academic year

Bērziņš Reinis
Feasibility study of a merger of Lattelecom and Eesti Telekom: legal and financial aspects

Boluža Irēna    
Cross-border mergers of limited liability companies within the European Union: new possibilities for company restructuring

Narovskis Andis  
LMT initial public offering as a key to enhanced Latvian capital market: legal and financial aspects

Orlova Jana
Regulatory initiatives of the European Union on the over-the-counter derivatives market with emphasis on credit default swaps

Roze Uldis
New public procurement 70 percent criteria: an economical solution or a legal liability

Voronov Marat
Foreign financial services providers in the US and EU: can foreign intermediaries penetrate these markets without subjecting themselves to local regulation?

2009/2010 academic year

Apsitis Girts
The effective use of the minority and majority shareholder rights in order to achieve the economic interests of the shareholder

Bondare Olga
Joining the European Monetary Union: institutional considerations and economic impact on new Member States

Lokmets Renats
SME’s corporate mobility and its effect on new European Union Members: Latvian case

Lukasinskis Kristaps
Real estate taxation in Latvia – searching for the most optimal solution

Mellens Martins
Representations and warranties in Latvia: emergence of the model

Rambaks Māris
Taxation of private investors in Latvia: possible outcomes and responses to the introduction of a new capital income tax

Stafeckis Roberts
Liability of directors of a company in case of international insolvency proceedings: comparison of Latvian and German law

Sulca Ligija
Amendments to specifications and to an existing public contract under EU public procurement rules

Volfs Rihards
The economic benefits of a legal and practical simplicity to establish a company by a nonresident for the developed countries: the United Kingdom, Denmark and Belgium and new Member States of the Europan Union: Latvia and Slovenia

2008/2009 academic year

Ciematniece Ilze
Concept of contract renegotiation and adaptation in international commercial law contracts

Landmane Liva
Corporate governance tools protecting minority shareholders

Markovs Stanislavs
Risk capital in Latvia: policy distribution and pitfalls in implementation

Paurniete Zigita
Encouraging innovation through competition: evaluation of the treatment of refusal and essential facilities doctrine in EU and US

Ronis Sergejs 
Taxation and state aid: is the vigorous implementation of state aid provisions effectively transforming the direct taxation from the area of member state competence into the area of EU competence?

Traidase Baiba
European structural fund implementation in Latvia: new approach

Volberts Janis
Transfer pricing treatment of inter-company loans

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