STUDY AT RGSL / Public International Law and Human Rights Programme Courses and Descriptions

Students have to complete 6 mandatory courses and 2 optional courses chosen either from the tracks of European Union Law and Policy or Transborder Commercial Law, as well as specialized courses and defend their master thesis at the end of the programme.

The 6 mandatory courses are as follows:

• International Law System and Human Rights: Theory and Development
• International Humanitarian Law
• International Criminal Law
• Changing European Human Rights Law
• Business and Human Rights
• State Responsibility in International Law

During the teaching weeks, students will normally follow 2 courses offered for each 6-week period. Students may also choose to study on a part-time basis, following only 1 course at a time. Thus a part-time study will normally take double the time of a full-time study, but students may also choose a mixed part-time and full-time approach.

The teaching week usually comprises 12 contact hours, with lectures and seminars in the 2 selected courses, as well as specialized courses consisting of master thesis support sessions, legal English, legal research and legal ethics.

The teaching is based on case discussions with active student participation, involving both general studies and specific course assignments. Different teaching methods are used to encourage student participation, including Moot courts and study groups. Within the full-time teaching week, in average 26 academic hours are reserved for student preparation. 


International and European Law


Public International Law & Human Rights

EU Law & Policy


Transborder Commercial Law


2-11 September

Introductory Course

Each course (below) 2.5 Latvian credits (3.75 ECTS)

Module I

14 September – 23 October

International Law System and Human Rights: Theory and Development


Integration of Political Economy




International Sales Law





Legal Ethics and Psychology

Legal Ethics and Psychology

Legal Ethics and Psychology

 Module II

26 October – 4 December


Responsibility in International Law


External relations of the European Union



Comparative Contract and Commercial Law



Changing European Human Rights Law



Policy Implementation and Negotiation Techniques




Module III

7 December 2015

– 29 January 2016

(Christmas break 21 Dec 2015 – 3 Jan 2016)

Law of International Organsiations



Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union


European Company Law




International Criminal and Humanitarial Law




Private International Law and International Civil Procedure


Module IV

1 February – 11 March

Business and Human Rights



Environmental Law



Trade aspects of Intellectual Property Rights



Integration and European Court of Justice


Alternative Dispute Resolution



Suggested full time workload is 2 courses per module; part time – 1 course per module.

Mandatory courses for Public International Law & Human Rights

 Introductory course + Legal Research  -2 Latvian credits (3 ECTS)

International Law System and Human Rights: theory and development

International Criminal and Humanitarian Law

Changing European human rights law

State Responsibility in International Law

Business and Human Rights

Law of International Organisations

Master Thesis 20 Latvian credits (30 ECTS)

+ 2 elective courses (any of 13 courses offered in EU Law & Policy, Transborder Commercial Law, International and European Law programmes) = (42 Latvian credits – 63 ECTS)