STUDY AT RGSL / Law and Finance Programme Courses and Descriptions

The programme is divided into 3 distinct modules.

The first module of the programme consists of introductory courses. These courses aim to provide the basic foundation and concepts in European Law and Finance. Students from a legal background will benefit from the fundamentals of economics and finance while those from a financial and economic background will receive the grounding needed for legal reasoning and understanding.

Module 1
Introductory Courses

Legal Reasoning and Research
Micro & Macro Economics
Introduction to Law
Financial Accounting
European Union Law
Regulation in the EU
Monetary Policy

The second module of the programme consists of  advanced clusters  from which students specialise in. This cluster offers advanced and focused courses to complete the core teaching part of the programme.

Module 2
Specialisation Courses
Corporate Finance
International Financial Management
International Commercial Law
European Company Law
European Competition Law
Investment & Fund Management
Insolvency Law
Mergers & Acquisitions

The third module of the programme offers students a series of electives that support and enhance the fundamentals acquired in the first 2 parts and offers a balanced series of financial and legal courses. Electives are based on student subscription.

Module 3
Law & Economics
Advanced Topics in European Company Law
Advanced Topics in European Competition Law
Business Valuation
Financial Analysis
Risk Management
International Management under Global Conditions
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Contract drafting

Each student must write and defend a Master’s thesis before a committee. The purpose of the thesis is to demonstrate the student’s ability to undertake scientific study in the mixed disciplines of law and finance based on a clear methodology.