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Legal Linguistics

Legal Linguistics programme is currently suspended for the academic years 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Awarded degree: LL.M in Legal Linguistics

Programme duration: 1 year
Study language: English
Official length of the programme in credits: 60 ECTS credits (40 Latvian credits)

The modern legal regulatory environment is multilingual and influenced by different national legal systems. Understanding modern legal thinking involves a clear grasp of one’s own legal system as well as the law of at least one other country. It is of utmost importance that legal texts are logical and consistent, that they can be easily understood and properly implemented. This applies not only to regulatory acts issued by public institutions, but also to the contents of private documents.

The Legal Linguistics study programme provides the knowledge and skills necessary for drafting and analysing legally and linguistically precise texts. Particular attention is paid to the multilingual legal environment of the European Union, as well as to legal translation problems and legal terminology issues in different languages. The interdisciplinary approach leads to solutions to legal problems through linguistics, law and linguistics specialists “thinking outside the box” of the relevant area-specific approach, but rather researching problems from all possible points of view.


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