ZIŅAS UN JAUNUMI / Praktizējošā jurista Miquel Roca vieslekcijas starptautiskajās un ES transporta tiesībās

Nov 30, 2010

1.-2. decembris

Praktizējošā jurista Miquel Roca vieslekcijas starptautiskajās un ES transporta tiesībās

Miquel Roca, Managing Partner at Blas de Lezo Abogados, with offices in Vigo, Madrid, and Barcelona, will visit RGSL on Wednesday and Thursday 1-2 December 2010. This visit is arranged in close cooperation with the law firm ZAB Sorainen.

On Wednesday 1 December 2010, Miquel Roca will address the students on the Masters course on Freedom, Security and Justice. As special guest lecturer he will focus on opening of the borders as a starting point, in order to link it to the implication it has on maritime related issues: the creation of international motorways of the seas, the export and import of products (fisheries in this case) an the controls of them at the EU entry points, called Inspection Frontiers Points, and pollution in relation to the inexistent open sea borders and the Law of the Seas Convention granting freedom of innocent passage between EU waters without border controls.

On Thursday 2 December 2010, Miquel Roca will give an open lecture on the New Regime of International Sea Transport: The Rotterdam Rules.

Points covered will include : the current status of the law, the need for a new convention, main new features, the new role of the bills of lading, responsibility of the carrier, rights and duties of the shipper, and the new Jurisdiction Regime. Miquel Roca has been appointed as Official Member of the Spanish Delegation to the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) which on behalf of the Kingdom of Spain signed the Rotterdam Rules.

Miquel Roca is qualified both in Spain and England, having received the LLB from the Barcelona University, the LLM in Shipping Law from the Barcelona Law Society,  and the LLM in Shipping Law from Cardiff University. He is a member of the Spanish Maritime Law Association (Member of the Managing Board), the International Bar Association, Maritime and Transport Law Committee, and the Instituto Iberoamericano de Derecho Marítimo. He is a visiting lecturer at The City Law School, The City University, London, at the Vigo University in Spain, at the University of Piraeus in Greece, at the University of Mexico (UNAM), and now also RGSL.