Researchers: Mārtiņš Mits

Period: 2010 - 2012

Menu for Justice was an ambitious academic network, financed by the EU under the LLP program, which created a broad partnership among 50 institutions, in 30 European countries. The project was coordinated by the Institute of Political Science, Bologna University.The aim of this Academic Network was to develop proposals for curicula in the field of courts and judges and justice administration. By assessing the “state of the art” of education for law students, lawyers and judges in Europe, Menu for Justice aimed to provide vital information to policy makers considering the development of an innovative curriculum studiorum in judicial studies. It also aimed to provide European institutions and the public with basic guidelines for monitoring the way legal and judicial training are changing in Europe.

More information here: https://www.academic-projects.eu/menuforjustice/default.aspx

Two books have been published based on the JUSTMEN research:

Daniela Piana, Philip Langbroek, Tomas Berkmanas, Ole Hammerslev, Otilia Pacurari (eds.), Legal education and judicial training in Europe. The Menu for Justice project report, Eleven International Publishing, 2013.

Pasquale Policastro (ed.), Towards innovation in legal education, Eleven International Publishing, 2013.

Other publications are available here: