Law and Business

LL.B in Law and Business
Programme duration
3 years
Study language
180 ECTS credits
Study form
Full time
Tuition fee
3500 EUR per year

Programme details

Programme structure

The programme comprises 180 ECTS credit points. It is based on mandatory and elective courses as well as optional language courses. Up to three courses can be taken simultaneously.

Each course lasts six weeks with five class hours per week, plus research work on assignments and preparation for classes.

Each course concludes with an exam, while the programme concludes with a thesis.


Course materials are freely available on the RGSL intranet. Reading assignments mainly refer to materials in the compendia, articles in electronic format on the RGSL library portal, as well as books and other printed material available in the RGSL library.

Admission criteria

Eligible applicants will be admitted in an order of priority based on points awarded for:
•  overall grade average on the final or latest grade transcript (priority to applicants with A and B levels according to ECTS;
•  grade in English (priority to applicants with ECTS levels A and B in English);
•  additional points may be awarded for academic and scientific achievements, active participation in youth organisations, and other relevant activities.


Law and Business programme is implemented by international faculty that comes to Riga to teach selected courses and local faculty. Lecturers represents both academic excellence and extensive practical experience, offering an education that is highly relevant for career development.

The core of the Law and Business programme:

Inese Druviete (PhD), a leading expert on international commercial arbitration and contract law. Teaches European Union Law; Comparative Contract Law; Legal Research Methods.  
Waleed Gumaa (MA) leverages his significant experience and expertise in business to offer an interdisciplinary education to RGSL students. Teaches Business Studies; Strategy and Project Management.
Paolo Paesani (PhD), Associate Professor from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, teaches Monetary Policy, Macrooeconomics,Monetary Policy. 
Dirk Linowski (PhD), teaches Introduction to Mathematics, Mathematics for Social Sciences, Statistics for Social Sciences.

Key dates

Admission deadline10 July 2018

Hear from our students

Tīna Vecvagare

RGSL is a place where you, apart from your regular studies, are constantly given opportunities to participate in events such as discussions, workshops and moot courts where you add to your professional skills and network with already established professionals in the field, which is one of the many prerequisites for a successful career.

Moritz Wagner

The insight into EU and international law gained at RGSL provided a basis for the flexibility necessary to dive into other legal systems really quickly, and made me feel comfortable working in legal systems outside that of my country of qualification as a lawyer.

Anete Kleinberga

The highlight of my experience are the relationships that I formed, especially with the professors who came from abroad. They opened up a window of opportunities… the open-minded and broad perspective was guided by the international professors. 

Further information

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Director of the Bachelor Programmes.
Inese Druviete
Bachelor Programme Director. Docent
  /  +371 67039 307