Visiting professors and visiting lecturers

Dārta Ūdre LL.M

Visiting Lecturer
Comparative Administrative Law

Master of Laws (University of Latvia, 2016) 
Bachelor of Laws (University of Latvia, 2014)
Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme (Comenius University in Bratislava, 2013)

Significant Professional Experience

  • Judge's Assistant, The Supreme Court of The Republic of Latvia, The Department of Administrative Cases, Riga (Latvia), 22/08/2016–Present
  • Previously worked as a judge’s assistant in District and Regional Administrative Courts.

Current research

  • Case law of The Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia in construction law 
  • Official Journal of the Republic of Latvia in 21st century

Main publications

  • Freimane D. Administratīvie akti, kuri rada tiesiskas sekas vairākām noteiktām personām. Jurista Vārds, 24.04.2018., Nr. 17/18 (1023/1024), 13.-21.lpp.