Visiting professors and visiting lecturers

Jerzy Jendrośka PhD

Visiting Professor
Environmental Law

PhD – Polish Acedemy of Sciences,1986
LL.M – Wrocław University Law Faculty, 1978

Significant Professional Experience

Current positions:

  • Managing Partner at the law firm Jendroska Jerzmanski Bar i Wspolnicy, since 2001
  • Adjunct Professor, Director of European Environmental Law Post-Graduate Studies at Opole University, since 2004
  • Adjunct lecturer, European Law Academy, Trier, since 2013

Previous positions

  • Advisor to the Environment Minister on European Integration,2000-2001
  • Economic Officer – Secretary to the Aarhus Convention, UNECE 1998-1999
  • Researcher, since 1986 Senior Researcher,Institute of Law, Polish Academy of Science, 1978-1998

Current research (Research topic and/or project name)

  • 2014-2015       Legal expert advising the Government of China on public participation and Aarhus Convention, under the  GIZ project  in China
  • 2015- 2016      EU consultant in the project  Support to the Approximation in various fields as part of the environmental provisions under  the EU-Georgia Association Agreement
  • 2015-2016       UNECE consultant to prepare  draft text proposals for amendments of the Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents
  • 2015-2016       UNECE consultant to prepare  draft guidance on safety and land-use planning
  • 2015-2016       UNECE consultant to prepare draft General Guidance  on reforming legal  and institutional structure with  regard to application of SEA procedure in accordance with the UNECE Protocol on SEA
  • 2015-2016        UNECE consultant to prepare  draft Overview of legislative and administrative reforms for implementing strategic environmental assessment in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus
  • 2015-2016       Chair of the Organising Committee of the global Conference on Procedural Environmental Rights: Principle X  in Theory and Practice organised under the auspices of the European Environmental Law Forum (EELF)
  • 2015 -2018      Legal expert of UN Economic Commission for Latin America and Caribbean (ECLAC) in the negotiations regarding regional instrument on access to environmental information, public participation in decision-making, and access to justice in environmental matters.
  • 2016-2018       Legal expert in the UNECE project to amend and update the Guidelines on EIA in a transboundary context for Central Asia
  • 2017-2018       Legal expert for the Government of Poland in the transboundary procedure for the NordStream 2 Project
  • 2017-2018       Senior legal expert in the EU project (implemented by Eptisa)  : “Support to Ukraine in approximation of the EU environmental acquis” EuropeAid/135825/DH/SER/UA
  • 2017                Lead legal expert in the REC project “Better Access to Justice in the South Eastern Europe (SEE)”
  • 2017-2018       Lead International  consultant in UNECE/OSCE project to assist in preparation of the draft amendments to the  Environmental Protection Code with  provisions on Strategic Environmental Assessment  (SEA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) compliant with Espoo convention and SEA Protocol  in Kazakhstan

Main publications

  • J. Jendrośka with Magdalena Bar (eds) Procedural Environmental Rights: Principle X in Theory and Practice, 2017, Intersetia, pages 496
  • Jendrośka (ed.), Leksykon prawa ochrony środowiska (Envirrnmental Law Lexicon), WoltersKluwer, Warszawa 2012, pages 216 (in Polish)
  • Ebbesson, H.Gaugitsch, J.Jendroska, S.Stec and F.Marshall, The Arhus Convention: an Implementation Guide 2nd edition, United Nations 2014, pages 278
  • J. Jendrośka, M. Bar, Prawo ochrony środowiska. Podręcznik. (Environmental Law. Textbook), Centrum Prawa Ekologicznego, Wrocław 2005, pages 1078 (in Polish)
  • J. Jendrośka (ed) , Nowe regulacje prawne ochrony środowiska w Polsce – dostosowanie do wymagań Unii Europejskiej (New legislations in Poland harmonized with EU requirements), wyd. Centrum Prawa Ekologicznego, Wrocław 2002, pages 212 (in Polish )
  • J. Jendrośka (ed.), Ustawa – Prawo ochrony środowiska. Komentarz (Environmental Protection Law. Commentary), wyd. Centrum Prawa Ekologicznego, Wrocław 2001, pages 1046 (in Polish
  • Jendrośka i W. Radecki, Konwencja o dostępie do informacji, udziale społeczeństwa w podejmowaniu decyzji oraz dostępie do sprawiedliwości w sprawach dotyczących środowiska z komentarzem (Aarhus Convention: Commentary), wyd. Centrum Prawa Ekologicznego, Wrocław 1999, pages 115 (in Polish)
  • J. Jendrośka (ed), Co-operation between Environmental Authorities and Ecological NGOs: A Comparative Review, Wrocław 1998, pages 292 (in English)
  • J. Jendrośka, Ocena oddziaływania na środowisko OOŚ; fachowa ekspertyza czy procedura z udziałem społeczeństwa. Sytuacja w Polsce na tle tendencji światowych (Environmental Impact Assessment: Expert’s Appraisal or Participatory Procedure. Situation in Poland in Comparative Perspective) , wyd. TNPOŚ, Wrocław 1997, pages 106 (in Polish)
  • J. Jendrośka i E. Kaleta-Jagiełło, Udział społeczeństwa w ochronie środowiska (Public Participation) , wyd. Prawa Ochrony Środowiska, Wrocław 1994, pages 192 (in Polish)
  • B. Gebers and J. Jendrośka (eds), Environmental Control of Chemical Substances and Products, Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt am Main – Berlin – Bern – New York – Paris – Wien, 1994, pages 180 (in English)