Visiting professors and visiting lecturers

Karsten Engsig Sorensen PhD

Visiting Professor
Internal Market Law

Dr. jur. (Aarhus University, 2006)
PhD (Aalborg University, 1992)
LLM (Exerter University, 1990)
LLM (Aarhus University, 1989)

Significant Professional Experience

  • 2012 Head of PhD-programme in law, Aarhus University
  • 2005-11 Head of Department
  • 2000 Full Professor, Aarhus School of Business (now Aarhus University)
  • 2000 Visiting scholar, Cornell Law School
  • 1999 Visiting fellow, Cambridge University
  • 1994 Associate professor
  • 1991-94 Trainee solicitor/solicitor
  • 1989-91 Research Fellow, Aalborg University

Current research

  • New textbook on EU law
  • Groups of companies
  • Free movement of companies


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