Visiting professors and visiting lecturers

Maris Krastins M.Ec.

Visiting Lecturer
Risk Management

PhD studies in doctoral programme "Business management", "RISEBA" University of Business, Arts and Technology/ BA School of Business and Finance, 2016-2018
Professional master's degree in economics, study program "Financial management", University of Latvia, 1997-2002

Significant Professional Experience 

  • Senator, BA School of Business and Finance, Kr. Valdemāra 161, Riga, Latvia, (BASBF), 2017 -present
  • Director of study programme "Risk Management and Insurance", BASBF,  2014 -present
  • Lecturer, BASBF,  2013 -present
  • Director of Motor Insurance product (CASCO), BTA Insurance Company SE, Kr. Valdemāra 63, Riga, Latvia,, 2012-2013
  • Director of Motor Insurance product (CASCO), Baltikums Vienna Insurance Group, AAS, Udens 12, Riga, Latvia,, 2006-2012

Current research

  • Applied researches 2015-2020: “Clients' understanding of MTPL insurance sales channels” (BA School of Business and Finance (BASBF), 2020), “Sustainability Management system by adapting Enterprise Risk Management approach” (BASBF, 2020), “MTPL insurance risk analysis in Latvia 2015-2018” (BASBF , 2019), “Practical application of risk management in sector X” (BASBF, 2016); “Potential of pet insurance product in Latvia” (BASBF, 2015), “Potential of utility payments insurance in Latvia” (BASBF, 2015), “Non-traditional factors influencing CASCO charging” (BASBF, 2015).

Main publications

  • Krastins, M., Mavlutova, I., Lesinskis,  K., Hermanis, J., “ Development of  Entrepreneurial Mindset and Improvement of Student’s Business Idea Viability Through Innovative Teaching Methods in Higher Education. ”, Proceedings of International  Academic Conference Strategica 2019  “Upscaling Digital Transformation in Business and Economics” edited by C. Bratianu et al,  Bucharest , 2019, ISBN: 978-606-749-428-0,  ISSN: 2392 – 702X  ( WEB OF SCIENCE)
  • Fomins A., Spilbergs A., Krastiņš. M.: „The role of mortgage payment insurance in reducing mortgage default risk level in Latvia.” Journal of Business Management, Vol. 17, 2019, ISSN 1691-5348, EBSCO, Copernicus
  • Mavlutova, I.,  Lesinskis, K., Liogys, M.,  Hermanis, J. The Role of Innovative Methods in Teaching Entrepreneurship in Higher Education: Multidisciplinary Approach, 19th International Conference Reability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication,  16.-19.10. 2019, Abstracts, redaktori : I. Kabashkin, I. Jatskiv, ISBN 978-9984-818-94-8 , Rīga, 2019,  pp. 118-119
  • Mavļutova, I.,  Krastiņš, M., Hermanis, ,J.,   Lešinskis,  K.   Student-centered methods in entrepreneurship education to increase entrepreneurial intentions of students, Littera Scripta, 2019, Volume 12, Issue 2, pp.49-66, ISSN 1805-9112 (Online); ( ERIH PLUS)