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Beatrice Hamilton LL.M

Starptautiskās apkārtējās vides tiesības

PhD in International Law, Ghent University, Present 
Master of Diplomacy and Trade, Monash University 2018

Nozīmīgākā profesionālā pieredze  

  • Teaching Fellow in International Law, University of Edinburgh, 2019-2020
  • Lecturer, University of Western Australia, 2017-2019

Aktuālais pētniecības darbs 

  • Environmental Commissioner, Congress of States and Nations

Galvenās publikācijas 

  • Beatrice Hamilton, ‘The crime of ecocide and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court’ in Regina Palouse (eds), Coloring International Criminal Law with Green Crimes (Vernon, 2021) Forthcoming 2021
  • Beatrice Hamilton, 'From non-aggressive military activities in Outer Space to Space
wars’ (2020) The Resolution Journal 24 (concurrently published by Jersey Law Commission)