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International and EU Law

2017/2018 academic year

Adam Mohammed Ali Abdelmoneem
ICC, Contemporary challenges and possibilities

Cera Marta
Protection of beneficiaries’ rights in the state aid procedure

Damberga Sindija
An Analyses of Selected Problems Related to Uniform Application of the CISG

Dzintars Eduards
Holding companies’ rights to deduct incurred input tax in relation to transactions in shares

Gerharde Agnese
International Law and Emerging Threats in Cyberspace: Is Existing Legal Framework Sufficient?

Golovkins Marats
Obligation to State Reasons in the Judgments and Decisions of the Courts of Last Instance when Deciding Civil Matters

Grīnvalde Ketija
Reforms of EU Data Protection rules after recent terrorist attacks and its compatibility with the right to privacy.

Jabraylli Fuzuli
Declaration on the rule of law” as the New World Order

Jima Tolosa Demie
Death penalty and objectives of punishment (a case of Ethiopia)

Kalniņa Ieva
Effects of corruption on enjoyment of human rights within a framework of European, international and domestic law. A case of Latvia.

Kvedars Aleksandrs
The main aspects of a new regulations of the personal data protection area in the European Union and its cooperation with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

Mirzayev Bakhtiyar
Anticipatory Breach in the International Sale of Goods: an Analysis of the Regulation of the CISG

Modi Lodule Peter Laku
The Lawfulness of the Responsibility to Protect in International Law: Its Application in South Sudan

Ostrovskaya Ekaterina
Is harmonisation of online gambling regulation in EU possible?

Roze Lelde
An Analysis of the General Principles of Law in the Interpretation of the CISG

Seilis Didzis
Prospectus regime. European Capital Markets Union’s perspective

Selga Ēriks Kristiāns
The Impact of the Latvian Legal Framework on Foreign Venture Capital Investment Attraction

Skrūders Matīss
Analysis of the Europeam Union road cabotage rules and its enforcement

Soņeca Viktorija
Aspects of oral and written dialogue with the court

Stungrevica Elīna
An Analysis of the Food Labelling Rules in the EU and their Implications on the Common Market

Treilibs Kaspars
Public contract modification and termination in the EU and Latvia

Vakhtangashvili Giorgi
Land rights in so-called “South Ossetia”: Should occupation lead to reparation?

Veļjaņinova Kristīna
The sinking states: statehood, extinction and statelessness

Yagoub Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim
Reservation to 1951 Refugee Convention: Is Sudan’s Reservation to Article 26 Impermissible?

Zīmecs Mikijs
Use of data subject’s consent as legal basis for personal data processing in M-health applications under General Data Protection Regulation No 2016/679

Zobova Laura Marta
‘Identifiability’ and the appropriate balance between the interests of data controllers and data subjects


2015/2016 academic year

Ābele Evija
Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in international commmercial arbitration: the public policy exception

Ābola Madara
International counter-terrorism sanctions targeted at individuals from human rights protection perspective

Alberte Silvija
Data transfer from the European Union to the United States: adequacy of data protection under EU – U.S. Privacy Shield Framework

Aldejohann Stephan Maximilian
Restriction of shareholder rights in Germany and the United Kingdom – a comparison

Aliyeva Aytan
Co-existence of individual and state responsibility for the crimes against humanity within the context of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Arnautovs Andrejs
Money laundering in Latvia: the compliance with international standards and examination of institutional and regulatory effectiveness

Artmane Dace
Trader’s liability under Article 3 of EU Directive 1999/44/ EC

Augustova Kristīne
The use of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method in the Court Bailiff’s job enforcement process

Beļajevs Jevgeņijs
Interim measures in EU cross-border civil and commercial matters

Briede Elza
The restriction of property rights in the interests of environment: the test of proportionality principle

Brīze Mārtiņš
Arbitration exception in recast Brussels I regulation – can it ensure effective arbitration in the EU?

Buiko Kristina
Law on operational activities in Latvia and its compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights under Articles 6 and 8 of the Convention

Čerikovaite Jana
Public policy as a bar to the recognition and enforcement of the foreign arbitral award

Dzelme Rihards
Right of withdrawal in a sales distance contract under Directive 2011/83/EU: problems and possible solutions in Latvia and Germany

Ernestsone Ieva
Declarations under Article 36(2) of the Statute of the International Court of Justice as a way of accepting the Court’s jurisdiction

Frankovska Aleksandra
Limits of damages in civil aviation: from the Warsaw Convention to the Montreal Convention

Gaigals Edvarts
Balancing between safeguarding competition and protecting rights of undertakings during surprise inspections

Grava Laura
Personal data protection in EU – cooperation and competences of EU and national data protection institutions and bodies

Kalnāja Anete
The legality of ‘the Republic of Crimea’

Ke Bunthoeurn
Challenges of land tenure rights in Cambodia

Ķemme Anda
The Latvian government as an appropriate decision making authority for sending armed forces to international operations

Kogucs Aleksandrs
Mediation in Cross-border and domestic commercial disputes. The US-American approach as a suitable model?

Krastiņa Guna
Passenger rights in contract of carriage by air: Montreal Convention and regulation No. 261/2004

Krastiņa Jolanta
Challenges of the United Nations convention on contracts for the international sale of goods in the European Union

Kučerenko Anastasija
Shape and position trademarks: topical issues of registration

Kurgalova Marina
Recent developments of the good faith principle in Contract Law

Langoya Lowila Daniel Stephen
Circumstances precluding wrongfulness of states in international law; the notion on countermeasures

Lukjanska Alīna
Comparative study of guarantor duties and responsibilities in different jurisdictions: possibility of application of foreign practice in Latvian legal system

Nazarko Ija
Protection of intellectual property in fashion design

Osis Jānis
Compulsory refugee quota scheme – a solution to the climax of the “migration crisis” in Greece. Analysing legitimacy and necessity from the perspective of Greece as the weakest link in the Common European Asylum System

Pētersons Aleksejs
Mandatory mediation: how to achieve the European Mediation Directive’s goal

Priedīte Inga
Product liability related to the CISG and limiting damages arising out of such product liability

Reat Peter Kayier Ruot
Use of child soldiers in armed conflict in Africa: case of South Sudan

Šestakova Natālija
Creditors’ protection under the share capital maintenance rules. Comparison of UK, German, and Latvian laws

Skulte Daira
The interaction of the principle of proportionality within the free movement of goods and protection of the environment

Štelmane Ingrīda
Rules governing unmanned aerial vehicle private use in the Republic of Latvia: recommendations for amendments based on comparative studies of the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the European Union legislative experiences

Strazdiņa Maija
Data protection and privacy: is it a privilege or a right? Comparison of the European and the American approach

Syzova Karyna
Crimea – lost forever?

Titberidze Mariam
The role and perspectives of alternative dispute resolution in developing countries – with a special focus on Georgia

Udota Anastasija
Definition of terrorism within existing international legal frameworks

Vaivars Jānis
European Refugee Crisis: why was the European Union not ready and what went wrong?

Vanaga Rita
Legal evaluation of the social rental housing status within the context of the EU state aid law

Zariņa Ieva
The application of principle of justice arising from judgment of monetary gold in environmental law

2014/2015 academic year

Bite Renate
Publication of judgments on the Internet in Latvia and data protection: How to find balance?

Churakova Ksenia
Corporate governance codes in Europe: general trends and effectiveness. The UK and Germany example

Freimane Antra
Worldwide insolvency

Grinbergs Arvis
Resolving patent disputes: benefits of arbitration and analysis of arbitrability

Ivanova Aleksandra
The applicable law in cross–border mediation

Khayitova Nafisa
Responsibility to protect (R2P): legal analysis and evaluation

Krilova Ilze
Medical malpractice and compensation in no fault liability schemes: a case study of Latvia

Krull Michael
World vs. banks – the environmental and human rights standards and evolving  accountability of multilateral development banks

Lase Edite
Regulating crypto currencies

Lauga Kristiana
Difficulties associated with company migration in European Union: cross border conversions of limited companies

Lauza Gunta
Joint and several liability on parent and successor companies for EU competition law infringements

Lavrushyna Vladlena
Europen Union policy in respect of the settlement of investment disputes

Leodanska Evelina
The influence of internal and external threats to  European Security Strategy

Loskovska Gabriela
Legal aspects and challenges on the use of linguistic rights of minorities

Lubgane Krista
Differences between importance and interpretation of the principle of child’s interests represented by the Hague model and the European Court of Human rights

Luksa Anzelika
Abuse of minority shareholder position in Societas Europaea

Lusis Rudolfs
Whether the future of the EU legislation is to limit free movement of workers in case of social benefits

Mammadrzali Shahin
Protection of the right to freedom of expression under the ECHR: compliance difficulties in Azerbaijan

Matsika Sylvia Ruvimbo
The echoing of land ownership rights atrocities in the road in Rhodesia, then Zimbabwe

Nesterova Yuliya
Hate speech in Russian Federation involving national minorities and migrant workers from Caucasus and Central Asia

Ozcoskun Tuna Can
The Limitations of Federalism in the European Union

Pazare Iveta
Directors’ liability after global financial crisis – balancing between managerial oversight and value creation

Purins Toms
Legal concepts of separate legal personality, limited liability and piercing of the corporate veil in England and Wales, Germany and Latvia

Reinicane Nellija
Legal instruments for the development of solidarity between the EU Member States in Economic and Monetary Union during the recent sovereign debt crisis: The Case of the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance or the so-called “Fiscal Compact”

Sanaia Natela
The unjust system: caste-based discrimination and human rights Violation of Dalit women in India

Shahverdiyeva Khalisa
Domestic violence as a violation of the fundamental human rights: in the case of Azerbaijan

Stauffer Greg
The case for revising article two of the Uniform Commercial Code

Tregubs Jurijs
Is current classification and regulation of Forex under EMIR justifiable?

Zelena Inga
Indigenous peoples’ right to free, prior and informed consent: absolute requirement or good faith aspiration in extractive industry sector?

Zurabishvili Tamar
Transitional justice in conflict and post-conflict societies: restitution of property in response to forced displacement

2013/2014 academic year

Viska Anggi Karina
Citizen of non-existent state: the case of Latvia non-citizen

Marieta Akhvlediani
Trafficking in children – a form of modern-day slavery: analysis of the international protection mechanisms

Santa Apsīte
The immunity under the International Criminal Court for persons representing country without special authorization- status quo and future

Anahit Arakelyan
The crime of direct and public incitement to genocide: the perspective of introduction of crimes against humanity of persecution to the crime and a wider interpretation of “direct” element

Jānis Ābols
Principle of subsidiarity and its meaning in the European Union; optimal application in harmonization of law

Gresa Bytyqi
Challenges on application of customary international law of indirect command responsibility in war crimes, with special regard to war crimes in Kosovo

Ievgen Fomin
Social and labour rehabilitation of inmates in penitentiary system of Ukraine

Toghrul Gulu Zada
Competence of arbitrators as ex aequo et bono/amiable compositeur

Shirin Gurdova
Turkmenistan Azerbaijan maritime dispute; status and regime of the Caspian waters

Olena Guz
The right to individual petition and Protocol No. 15 to the European Convention on Human Rights: is there a need to amend admissibility criteria?

Olga Ignatjeva
Trust as a vehicle of assets protection

Ojārs Josts
Electronic privacy – the right to informational self-determination

Agnese Kažmere
Exit tax: an obstacle to free movement of companies in the European Union

Zane Kuļikovska
Free movement of goods – national trade barriers and compatibility with Article 34 of TFEU

Vasyl Lazumirskyy
Perversion of a doctrine: the protection of nationals abroad and Russia’s invasion of Crimea

Uģis Ludiņš
Equity contributions and disbursements: international and Latvian perspective

Vira Nosalchuk
Police reform in Ukraine as effective solution of ECHR implementation and prevention of human rights violations

Sergejs Parvatkins
Mediation and access to justice

Giorgi Popandopulo
International crimes during Georgian-Russian armed hostilities

Nino Rizhamadze
Violation of the rights to freedom of expression, assembly and association of LGBTI people in selected post-Soviet states (Russian Federation, Armenia and Azerbaijan)

Daina Ruduša
Deterioration of LGBT rights in Russia: realities, remedies, solutions

Shamla Tsargand
“Honor crimes” prevention in EU

Evija Uškaura
Examination of goods pursuant to CISG in international timber trade industry

2012/2013 academic year

Akmaljon Abdisamatov
The responsibility of transnational corporations for human rights violations: a comparative analysis of the Alien Tort Claims Act and Brussels I Regulation

Jekaterina Anohina
State responsibility for private military and security companies

Karīna Ārmane
The UN Charter interpretation of the use of force law: the role of state responsibility law in the maintenance of international peace and security

Aiganym Baibakpaeva
The application of human rights in the EU external relations: a case for Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

Hanna Balbasava
Female genital mutilation as a global challenge. Elimination and eradication mechanisms

Tamar Charbadze
Compatibility of Georgian industrial injuries’ law with international standards

Beti Čolak
Discrimination enshrined in the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina: the Sejdic Finci Case

Ina Egieva
Protection of minority rights and problems of their integration into the Georgian society

Olga Egorova
Religion-state relationship and religious freedoms through Moscow’s and Strasbourg’s perspectives

Andrea Endrolath
The application of international humanitarian law in humanitarian interventions

Inga Forda
Efficiency of EU ETS in international aviation: to what extent the compatibility of law matters?

Maria Goldman
The future of the human rights promise: can a World Court fulfill it?

Evija Kļaviņa
Necessity of declaration of war clause in current international legal framework

Tamar Koriauli
European Neighbourhood Policy as tool for democratization in Georgia

Khrystyna Kushnir
EC – Ukraine Readmission Agreement – fight against illegal migration or against illegal migrants?

Rita Maizenberga
Charitable tax breaks in the EU – a comparative analysis

Minura Mammadguliyeva
Measures of solving the Kurdish issue: the role of international organizations

Mariami Margiani
Armed conflicts and internally displaced persons: problems and perspectives of property restitution in Georgia

Tinatini Nadareishvili
Right to inclusive education. Case of Georgia

Alona Olenych
Implementation of the European human rights standards in the national legal system of Ukraine through the execution of the European Court of Human Rights judgments

Kseniya Pavlovich
Status of the responsibility to protect under international law

Dmitriy Piskunov
Transitional justice prospects for Chechnya

Kristīne Polata
International carriage of goods by road and related legal issues within Europe

Iryna Ptashnyk
Right to organ transplantation in the European Union

Ilvija Pūce
Ratification of the OPCAT and the creation of a National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) against torture in Latvia

Matīss Rostoks
Private enforcement of competition law

Vladlena Rudusāne
Legal principles developed by the European Court of Justice in tax law cases

Renāte Rūse
A comparative analysis of legal challenges and responsibility ensuring sustainability of condominiums in Latvia

Indira Saparbayeva
The influence of human rights organizations on economic and social rights protection system in the area of HIV/AIDS: Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch

Renārs Slesarčuks
A comparative study of rules regulating carrier’s liability under the CMR Convention

Hanna Taliaronak
Obligation aut dedere aut judicare and universal jurisdiction: coexistence for effective justice

Mariami Tutberidze
The role of parental privilege in the children’s rights violations

Ketevan Vardosanidze
ENP – EU security instrument for fight against illegal immigration

Can Yalcinkaya
Disciplinary arbitrations of the national and international sport organisations: interaction with European Union law and human rights obligations

2011/2012 academic year

Antonijevic Priljeva Mladen
Universal protection of sexual minorities: the remaining human rights challenge

Bajraktari Musa
From conceptualization to implementation of corporate social responsibility in information and communication technology (ICT) industry

Brīze Nora
Exclusionary abuse of dominant position through the exercise of intellectual property rights

Damarad Volha
Arbitrary detentions in Belarus in the context of international standards

Dashutsina Kseniya
Interaction of human rights and internet

Dimitrovski Ilija
Influence of the Ohrid Framework Agreement on the effective participation of the members of minority groups

Gabriadze Irma
The contribution of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda to the crime of genocide

Gvetadze Ana
The challenges of implementation of the state policies concerning the rights to an adequate housing and employment for internally displaced persons in Georgia

Islomov Behzod
Corporate governance and employee involvement in EU companies

Kārkliņa Gundega
Pre-contractual obligations in international transactions

Kasumov Azer
Problems of free and fair elections in Azerbaijan

Krūmiņa-Mīlgrāve Linda
From self-determination right to statehood: Montevideo principles redefined

Kudrjavceva Jekaterina
Issues surrounding registration of colour trade marks

Maslyka Antanina
International legal framework for human genome research within the context of human rights

Mikute Ella
European citizenship and dual nationality

Nikoleishvili Karlo
Prisoners right to vote: compliance of European countriesí with legislation the international standards

Palkova Karina
Insolvency proceedings of a natural person in Latvia,  England and Wales from the Latvian creditors and debtors perspective

Puče Anete
Exhaustion of rights doctrine and trade mark law in relation to free movement of goods

Ratniece Laura
An economic analysis of the duty to inspect the goods pursuant to the CISG and CESL

Rutka-Kriškalne Anta
Pilot judgment procedure of European Court of Human Rights and execution process before the Committee of Ministers: a step towards effective convention system?

Sadunashvili Tamar
Which human right must be accorded preference while balancing freedoms of religion and expression and how to justify the stateís conduct while interfering in the right to freedom of religion

Stībele Elīna
The quality standards of goods pursuant to the CISG, Latvian law and English law: Predecessors of European common sales law?

Talakhadze Maya
Use of force as self-defence against non-state actors

Vladimirova-Kryukova Anna
Environmental crime as international crime

Yakubovska Nataliya
International development cooperation: implementing the right to development

Zaja Sidita
Domestic violence against women in Albania: The national implementation of international human rights law standards

2010/2011 academic year

Aizbalte Olga    
The non-existence of the Latvian-Lithuanian Sea Border Agreement: impact of state responsibility

Ančevska Jeļena    
Protection of privacy in the context of social networking sites (with Facebook as the main example)

Dvalishvili Teona    
Deportation and forcible transfer of population during armed conflict: status, rights and guarantees under international law

Gagua Nino    
Freedom of expression in the context of state of emergency and dtate of war in Georgia

Giyasov Farhod 
The right of non-discrimination of migrant workers: national legislation and practice in Kazakhstan with regard to international standards

Guļčenko Jūlija 
Control of concentrations: binding provisions imposed by the national authority – Latvian example

Hayrapetyan Anush    
The right to development and rights-based approach to development as mutually reinforcing concepts for the implementation of international development

Heinacka Inese    
Customary law in civil ind commercial matters in Europe

Isakovska Mila    
Effectiveness of the constitutional complaints in Republic of Macedonia in the context of the European Convention on Human Rights

Kalsone Dace    
Prevention of fraud in online payments: the role of normative regulation and self-regulation

Kārkle Inese    
Export control systems of the European Union and the Russian Federation

Kukhaleishvili Akaki    
The implementation of property rights in occupied territories

Madisson Karin    
Duties and liabilities of company directors under German and Estonian law: a comparative analysis

Mania Alexander 
Cyber-attack as a method of warfare

Nahapetyan Ruzanna   
Impact of remedy mechanism on attribution rules towards International Organization

Opmane-Vēbere Maija   
The law applicable to software and its upgrades: interaction of private international law, contract law and intellectual property law

Rapce Jeta    
Compliance of Albania with international standards in the context of  effective protection of victims of trafficking

Samoviča Margarita   
Protections of minority shareholders in the Societas Europaea in comparision to Latvian stock corporations

Sirenko Nadiya  
Highly qualified migrant workers in the EU: towards near equality

Šediva Magdalena    
The glorification of violence in the context of the European Convention on Human Rights

Šteinmanis Andrejs  
Piercing the corporate veil: national and transnational aspects

Tandashvili Shota    
War crimes in International Criminal Law within the context of Georgian-Russian war in august of 2008

Tereško Aira    
Prohibition of incitement to racial hatred in advertising: international standards and practice in Latvia

Upelnieks Raimonds 
Limits of competence of Union customs authorities and right holders to enforce intellectual property rights

Zenovic Predrag    
Human rights enforcment via peremptory norms – a challenge to state sovereignity

2009/2010 academic year

Abdulatova Nilyufar
Impact of the “Wall case” on international law: self defence as a justification of the use of force against non-state actors

Borošņeva Kristīne
Copyright. Duration of the term of protection and its extension

Butāns Māris
Assessment of imperfectly competitive markets in EU competition law

Bzarashvili Lasha
What is the impact of unauthorized humanitarian intervention cases on use of force norms established by the UN Charter?

Carling M
Legal uncertainty in conflicting opinio juris: self-determination and territorial Integrity in the Kosovo case

Ganiev Niholbek V.
Trafficking in women: national legislation and practice of Uzbekistan with regard to international standards

Hodaj Taulant
Attribution of conduct to states acting under international organizations: the Behrami and Saramati cases

Ismailov Damir
Problems of protecting migrant workers’ rights in Kyrgyzstan: trafficking and discrimination

Kalniņa Anita
Certain aspects of EC competence in legislation of Regulations (EC) Nos 1005/2008 and 1224/2009

Kasradze Levan
State’s minimum obligation and scope of “valid reason” in dismissal from work: Georgian Labour Code’s and
International Labour Organization’s standards comparison

Kitnere Dace
Enforcement of the consumers’ right of withdrawal under the Distance Selling Directive (97/7/EC) and the Doorstep Selling Directive (85/577/EEC) – perspectives under the Proposal for a Directive on Consumer Rights

Krieviņa-Sutora Baiba
Development of digital libraries in Latvia and EU challenges current regulation on public lending and other exceptions to the copyrights

Krišjāne Gita
Challenges in regulation and application of collective agreements

Marhele Izolde
Art.39 CISG: compatibility with seller’s and buyer’s Interests

Medzmariashvili Megi
Pre-emptive self-defence against states harboring terrorists

Mellakauls Andris
Hard issues, soft law: the proposed Council of Europe monitoring mechanism on freedom of expression

Metreveli Shota
Secession can never be lawful without the consent of the territorial state

Mikava Giorgi
Russian-Georgian conflict 2008 and Rome Statute Regime (ICC)

Ņenaševa Līga
Trade mark infringement and Google Adwords referencing service: alleged violation by Google under European Union and Australian law

Nerets Valts
Nationality of investors in ICSID arbitration

Noka Brunilda
Restitution and compensation of property in Albania and its comparison with the European Convention of Human Rights

Ozola Līva
Transgenderism in the framework of American and European legal norms: societal challenges and legal solutions

Papāne Inga
Application of international law by the Court of Justice of the EU in Security Council targeted sanctions cases

Piķele Ieva
Does the Latvian collecting society abuse its dominant position by applying too high tariffs?

Rimša Sandra
Jurisprudence regarding detention on remand in Latvia – any progress after Lavents v. Latvia?

Rostiashvili Tamar
Rights of life during the armed conflict in the case law of the European Court of Human Rights

Smirnova Viktorija
Legal aspects of ensuring security of natural gas supply in the European Union: legal relations with Russian Federation

Tskhovrebadze Roman
Challenging the legality of the Constitutional Agreement between Georgian State and the Georgian Apostolic Autocephalous Church

Vagapova Madina
Women fleeing armed conflict

2008/2009 academic year

Aljēns Mārtiņš
“Jurisdiction to grant and enforcement of protective measures under Brussels I Regulation”

Barutçu Feyza
Violations of human rights of asylum-seekers at the Aegean sea: Who protects the right to protection at the doors of the European Union?

Beļavska Oksana
Lack of consumer protection as an obstacle to cross-border trade within the European Community. Analysis of consumer protection instruments under Directive 97/7/EC on protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts

Besim Tafa
Protection of property rights from interference of public authorities: the standards of European Convention on Human Rights and case of Kosovo under UNMIK

Cetiner Aksana (Meļņikova Oksana)
The ban on the Islamic headscarf in Europe

Duļevska Liene
Automatic transfer of the agreement to arbitrate in the cases of assignment

Getsadze Giorgi
Danger to replace state responsibility by individual criminal liability in crime of genocide

Iacunin Artiom
Acquisition of nationality and limits set by international law. Phenomenon of ”kin-minorities”. Republic of Moldova: case of Russian Compatriots

Istrefi Kushtrim
Secession, statehood and recognition of Kosovo

Javakhadze David
Applying the principle of universal jurisdiction against persons enjoying immunity under international law. Problems and prospects

Khan Marina
The right to health in the context of HIV/AIDS and drug abuse in the Kyrgyz Republic

Kobakhidze Tamar
New challenges to Georgian shareholder liability status

Lancmane Anita Laima
Animal transport restrictions on animal welfare grounds in the global market

Linde Arita
Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Latvia civil and commercial matters

Lolakova Nigina
The international responsibility of the United Nations for activities carried out by UN peace-keeping missions: who is to be held responsible for wrongful acts in peacekeeping missions

Meskhia Tamar
Private military companies: status and state responsibility for their conducts under international humanitarian law

Nikoleishvili Shorena
System of the European Convention on Human Rights, with regard of exhaustion of domestic remedies in Abkhazia

Pakatsoshvili Mikheil
Comparative assessment of European and Georgian competition law on state aid

Pavlova Jevgēnija
MiFID: due diligence requirements in investment advice

Purenkova Linda
Remedies in case of the breach of competition law rules

Seredina Jeļena
Horizontal effect and freedom to provide services

Sergejeva Olesja
Protection of the weak contractual party: scope and limits

Sidamonidze Lili
National remedies in respect of excessive length of proceedings

Sirme Dace
Legal responses to the digital copyright infringement in peer-to-peer BitTorrent file sharing networks: trends, problems, prospects in Latvia

Slavska Jeva
The current state of play regarding Latvian permanent establishments and European tax law: untangling the conundrum

Sviridenko Filips
Challenges for EU financial market supervisory and regulatory model reform

Vahl Axel Werner
State aid control during the financial and economic crisis – refinement or infringement of established EC competition law?

Verhoustinska Anna
Legal regulation and application of the restrictions on the freedom of assembly in Latvia: comparison with the international human rights standards

Yakhyaev Jamshed
The principle of non-refoulement: international standards and their implementation in the Republic of Tajikistan

Yeliseyeu Andrei
The alien tort claims act as a new trend in corporate social responsibility: the Doe v. Unocal case

Zablovskis Jānis
Insufficient legal regulation in application of targeted sanctions specifically freezing of assets

Ziņģe Jevgēnija
Avoiding parallel proceedings in international arbitration

Zubkāne Kristīne
Implementation of the Directive 2007/66/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 December 2007 amending Council Directives 89/665/EEC and 92/13/EEC with regard to improving the effectiveness of review procedures concerning the award of public contracts in Latvia

2007/2008 academic year

Chybisov Dmytro
The implementation of international state responsibility into national space law legislation in the EU

Gedus Iveta
Commercial and consumer remedies for non-conforming goods

Germova Linda 
Procedural road map for the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Latvia

Ielīte Ineta
Taking children’ s opinion seriously: family conflicts, abused children and young offenders

Igamberdieva Khurshida
Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between Uzbekistan and the European Union: international and EC law issues and future prospects

Kikava Tamar
Imputability of breaches of European Convention on Human Rights: special case of Abkhazia

Kovalenko Natālija
State responsibility for violations of human rights committed by multinational corporations

Kraus Philip 
Alexander The new Article 50 TEU (Lisbon treaty) – inconsistent with the concept of an ‘ever closer Union’?

Kvaratskhelia  Nika 
Deprivation of possessions – ECHR standards in Georgian law and judicial practice

Lācenberga-Rocēna Ieva
Do framework agreements facilitate a flexible and simple procurement process?

Lapiashvili Natia
The freedom of transit in international investment law: (1) analysis of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline (2) The case-study

Lejiņa Ilze
Services Directive: What legal certainty does it bring?

Narovska Eva
Euthanasia and right to life

Oļevska Irina
Peculiarities in legislative regulation of fine art prints in the USA and Europe

Ratkevičs Kaspars 
The arbitrability of European competition law: is there a solution to problems?

Rūķe Ilona
Child abduction under the 1980 Hague Convention and its application in Latvia

Spīgule Jurgita 
Whether the ‘EU Telecoms Reform 2007’ presented by the Commission is likely to solve the competition problems in the national electronic communications markets?

Spilbergs Sarmis 
Defamation and online intermediaries: comparative study of roles and liability

Strauss Roberts 
Family mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method in Latvia and in the United States of America in child relative disputes

Strautiņš Edgars 
Limping legal relationships within the legal order of European Union

Strazdiņa Linda 
Biological materials and human rights: the realization of opting-out system in Latvia

Tiholaz Mariana
Accountability under human rights law for genocide and crimes against humanity committed by non-state actors: individuals, armed groups and corporations

Tola Ketija
Regulation of public private partnerships: EU and national aspects

Valdmane Solveiga
Right of withdrawal and linked credit agreements under the new consumer credit Directive: effective rules for high and equivalent consumer protection?

2006/2007 academic year

Inna Adamovica
Human rights issues and anonymous witnesses: the standards of the European Convention of Human Rights and the case of Latvia

Ilze Aleksandrovica
Exploitation of intellectual property in technology transfer from universities in Latvia

Ingus Andersons 
Application of the lex mercatoria in Article 9 CISG

Ilona Bauda 
Freedom of establishment and corporate taxation in the judgments of the European Court of Justice

Gudmundur Ebeneser Birgisson 
Towards an effective monitoring of the right to health (Article 12) under the ICESCR

Alma Bocaj 
The status of the European Convention on Human Rights in Albanian law

Eriola Bocaj 
The effect of multilateral environmental agreements in Albania. How can they contribute to environmental protection in Albania?

Laura Bogdanova 
Copyright protection of computer programs within the European Community

Andrija Cirule 
Exhaustion of the rights conferred by a trade mark in relation to free movement of goods

Marcis Dzelme 
Employee financial involvement within the context of Latvian law: A comparative analysis

Manuel Devers
State contracts under a property perspective

Janis Esenvalds 
EU cross-border insolvency regulation and compatibility with Latvian legislation

Anna Frolova 
The liability of carrier and freight forwarder under 1956 Convention for Carriage of Goods by Road

Zane Krecere 
Liability within corporate groups: Towards contemporary and effective approach

Dace Kalsone 
“Investment” in search of the universal definition

Giorgi Khojevanishvili 
Corporate social responsibility in international law: a case study of appreciative inquiry

Ivars Kronis
Place of arbitration in Lithuania and Latvia: domestic and international issues

Maris Krevs 
Impact of environmental issues on maritime trade

Matīss Davis Kukainis 
The November 2001 World Trade Organization’s Doha Declaration on the Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Agreement and Public Health – six years later

Liene Lauceniece 
Indirect discrimination: Comparison between the European Community law and the United Nations standards

Giorgi Liluashvili 
Challenges and perspectives of implementation of mediation in the Republic of Georgia

Sandra Lielbārde
Fragmentation of public international law: example of the UNCLOS Convention

Florije Manaj
The evolution of extradition and the European Arrest Warrant in light of human rights consideration

Levan Meskhoradze 
Doctrine of ‘State of necessity’ as a ground precluding state responsibility

Safo Musta 
The new trade regime in the South Eastern Europe under CEFTA: Challenges and opportunities

Anatoly Ostrovskiy 
Alternative dispute resolution in EU top level domain: Scope and limits of application

Natalya Pak 
International law in the state of Uzbekistan. Is Uzbekistan truly a monist country?

Inga Pole
A high level of protection of human health and the environment under the REACH regulation – will the aim be attained?

Saleniece Daiga 
Private equity in emerging markets: risks, returns and regulation

Andra Silina 
Branch vs. Subsidiary – a comparison of Latvian and the United Kingdom legal systems

Sintija Simane 
Determination of the investor’s nationality in Investment Treaty arbitration

Oksana Smirnova 
The Incoterms’ influence on the transfer of risk rules under Latvian and English sales law

Alisa Surko 
Competence of the ECJ in the field of direct taxation

Pavels Tjusevs 
Free movement of persons and non-Community sportsmen

Karlis Tracums 
Fraud in first demand guarantees – law and practice in Russia and Ukraine

Lasha Uplisashvili
Human rights standards and obligations of companies and protection of their property rights under European Convention of Human rights

Anna Vasiljeva
Concept of fitness for purposes pursuant to: the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods 1980, English Sale of Goods Act 1979, and US Uniform Commercial Code 1978.

Vitalie Zama
Impact of the ECtHR’S judgments in the Republic of Moldova regarding Article 5 of the Convention

Baiba Zarberga 
Protection of well-known trade marks in Europe

2004/2006 academic year

Dadukina Jelena
European Union Insolvency Regulation: The problems of determination of the ‘center of main interests’

Eglite Zane
Insider dealing regulation: Scope and implementation

Grobina Elina
Can personal usage of drugs and expulsion for life from the host state create collisions between fundamental rights and settled Community fundamental freedoms?

Jermanova Kristine
European legal capital regulation vs. American legal capital rules: Which way for Latvia?

Masule Solvita
Implementation the Directive 2004/25/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 21 April 2004 on takeover bids, share buyout offers’ and sell-out rights regulation in Latvia

Mednis Maris
Probable limitations for access to trial under Latvian administrative law consistent with the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

Misina Marija
Protection of worker from discrimination on the grounds of pregnancy before and in the course of employment

Nespora Kristine
Necessity of enterprises with uniform regulation in European Union

Petersone Ilona
Health care co-ordination and free movement of services in the European Union

Princis Ivo
EU public procurement: Deviation from purely economic rationale approach

Purina Sigita
Public international law: Consular officer right of contract with nationals

Rubene Andra
New approaches to EU mergers

Sosnova Natalja
Abuse of dominance: Objective justification for loyalty rebates

2004/2005 academic year

Silvija Aile 
Parallel trade in pharmaceuticals: Reconsidering the underlying Community policies: Commentary on the AG Jacobs opinion in case C-53/03 in light of Bayer/Adalat case

Sandija Audzere 
Public service obligation v. European market rules. Examples of energy supply

Namejs Batraks 
The long arm of domestic law: Fighting money laundering in the Latvian banking system with the USA Patriot Act

Iveta Berzina 
“Material adverse change clause in international syndicated loan agreements and impact of good faith and fair dealing under German and English law ”

Marina Dombrovska 
Community corporate ‘Tax Code’ and the European Court of Justice

Martins Gailis 
Refusal to licence intellectual property rights under Article 82 EC: the “exceptional circumstances” when such refusal constitutes abuse

Baiba Golsta 
Financial analysts: Conflict between the duty of confidentiality and the duty to disclose

Janis Jemeljanovs 
Copyright protection in digital environment – peer to peer networks

Madara Jeromanova 
International agreements: A secure bridge for third-country workers?

Kujtim Kerveshi 
Common foreign and security policy as an instrument of integration: compliance of EU obligations with EU law

Gatis Klavins 
Private enforcement of EC competition law: Latvian perspective

Tim Kolk 
Estonian administrative procedure and administrative court procedure in the environmental impact assessment context – is it compatible with EC requirements?

Ardian Kryeziu 
Turkey in transition to the EU. Legal analysis of accession criteria

Olga Kudriasova 
Extent of restrictions for former KGB agents in public employment: Case of Lithuania

Erika Linkeviciute 
Electronic commerce in determining moment when contract is considered concluded: Electronic Commerce Directive 2000/31, Distance Selling Directive 97/7 application in Lithuania

Yana Lissitsyna 
Application of public policy in commercial arbitration: Towards the transnational concept

Ivans Lisicins 
Extraterritorial dimension in transport law: Whether carrier nationality is efficient ground to enjoy state protection

Vlora (Istogu) Marmullakaj 
Evolution of human rights clause: Are human rights a condition for accession?

Laura Medvida 
Public and private interests and environmental concerns in territorial planning: ECHR perspective

Branislava Mitrovic 
Accession criteria: Another angle

Laurynas Narvydas 
New Takeover Directive – not new enough to comply with minority shareholders expectations

Inese Rendeniece 
Problems related to establishing bad faith under Latvian Trademark Law. Suggestions for defining the concept

Janis Rupeiks 
The border dispute between the Republic of Latvia and the Republic of Lithuania from the perspective of the ICJ case law

Sabiha Shala 
Potential discrimination towards entry of third-country nationals into European Union – current EU rules

Andrejs Stipnieks 
Nationality restrictions impede competition in the airline industry: In search of a way out

Santa Sveisberga 
Past imperfect: an evaluation of the restriction ban on former KGB operatives. Case of Latvia

Faton Vertopi 
The EU police mission and its contribution to the European Security and Defence Policy: The case of Bosnia

Laurynas Vilimas 
Mergers and acquisitions: An art of surviving and succeeding in ever-changing world of business

Moritz Wagner 
‘Private action’ within the context of WTO law: Rarely an issue of attribution

2003/2004 academic year

Altbergs Arturs 
Administrative liability: reform of Latvia’s administrative penal law, EU requirements and experience of other states.

Balta Liene 
Framework for the fight against terrorism in EU: problems and solutions

Bardina Kristine 
The implications of the union citizenship political rights on the concept of national citizenship

Bedanova Elina 
Limits to the Jurisdiction of The ICC ICC jurisdiction over non-party State nationals allegedly committing a crime on the territory of a non-party State?

Berzina Ieva 
Conflicts between the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy (article 8 of ECHR) in the public sector

Brakovskis Viesturs 
Continuity of contracts and replacement of reference interest rates in private contracts upon the introduction of the EURO – perspective of Latvia

Bukele Daina 
Attempting to secure confidentiality in International commercial arbitration – to no avail?

Burkevics Andis 
Interaction of the Workers’ Rights Enshrined in the Constitutions of EU Member States with the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

Cabe Inga 
Single European pharmaceutical market and acess to medicines

Daugaviete Liga 
The EU multilingual language regime after the enlargement in 2004: does it really work?

Druviete Inese 
The security for costs in international commercial arbitration

Dubina Nadezda 
Direct effect of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

Dzene Ilva 
Discriminatory personal taxation – obstacle to free movement of workers within the EU

Eglite Digna 
Transfer of explosives for civil uses in the European Union: balance between internal market and security policy

Evas Tatjana 
Ethnic origin and language: the application of International and European Union standards on equality in the Estonian labour market.

Fjodorova Liga 
Community Law Harmonisation in the Field of Freedom of Secondary Establishment

Freimanis Ainars 
Regional state aid and structural funds – combination problems in Latvia

Girss Illarions 
Judicial Review of the Security Council Resolutions: Is there a Ground and Reason to Be?

Gobins Marcis 
Problems of personal data protection in Latvia

Granickiene (Kepenyte) Skaiste 
The conflict of incorporation and real seat theories on freedom of establishment in EU law

Ignate Zane 
Legality of the Directive 2004/48 on measures and procedures to ensure the enforcement of intellecutal property rights in the European Community

Jakobsen Meghan 
Immunity versus impunity? Reconciling articles 27(2) and 98(1) of the Rome statute

Jaunzars Armands 
Legal remedies in the Republic of Latvia for the breach of the EU public procurement rules

Juozaitis Mantas 
Offshore companies under fire possible ways to avoid taxes

Kalinks Aldis 
Software as a product for the product liablity under Directive 85/374/EEC

Kalnina (Makare) Irena 
ILC’s State Responsibility Articles and Mixed Arbitrations

Kase Ilva 
Parody and Moral Rights: Is the Fear of Parody a Factor for Author to Get Protected?

Lemantovica Kristine 
Is secret of adoption in the best interests of the child?

Linkevicius Vaidotas 
Development of the Member State Liability Principle in EC: Liability of Member States Judiciary for Acts Contrary to Community Law. Application of Köbler Liability Doctrine in Lithuania.

Lintere Laura 
The Compliance of Article 241 of the Commercial Law of Latvia with Human Rights: whether proportionality is observed?

Navikaite Egle 
Harmful tax measures affecting free movement of establishment within the EU

Neeve Siret 
Protection against non-discriminatory hindrances regarding freedom of establishment and free movement of services: is there a difference?

Palcevska Dagnija 
The draft Hague Convention on exclusive choice of court agreements: interrelation with the instruments on prorogation of jurisdiction applicable within the community

Pearson (Strelcova) Viktorija 
European approach towards territorial exclusivity provisions in technology licensing agreements

Peckaityte Ausra 
Enforcement of intelletcual property rights in Lithuania in the light of directive 2004/48/EC on the enforcement of IPRs

Petkevicius Mantas 
Certain aspects of the concept of bad faith in trade mark registration. peculiarities of Lithuanian situation

Petkevica Julija 
The concept of ‘beneficial owner’: from international tax law to the community law

Plahovs Vladimirs 
Essential facilities: Select critique of IMS Judgment and beyond.

Ramanauskas Liudas 
Peculiarities of the concept of genuine use of trade marks

Salims Jevgēnijs 
Making a preliminary reference to the European Court of Justice: discretion of a national court

Salmins Karlis 
Personal Data Protection and Air Travel: EU-US Relations

Salmins Girts 
The desirable scope of financial assistance provision in the second company law directive

Samulevicius Tomas 
Passing of Risk in the Sale of Unascertained Goods Under 1980 United Nations Convention on International Sale of Goods and Under English Law

Spigulis Arturs 
Freedom of Establishment as an Alternative for Workers to Overcome the Restrictions Related to the Free Movement of Employees

Stankeviciute Laura 
Transitional arrangements for the right of free movement of workers: derogation or a violation of the most fundamental EU right?

Stipra Edite 
Anticipatory self-defence against terrorism: preconditions for development of customary right

Strazdina Iveta 
Children with mental disabilities: their rights and possible mechanisms for protection (Latvian example)

Svjatska Agnese 
Discrepancies in legal rules on access to health care benefits during a temporary stay in another member state: abuse and circumvention

Sarsune Inga 
The overlap of jurisdiction of the ECJ and the ECtHR in human rights cases: controversial jurisprudence or complementarity?

Tallija Andra 
Trafficking in Women: Bringing Law and Practice in Latvia into Compliance with International Standards

Trofimovs Sergejs 
Legal remedies of article 91 of staff regulations in the context of recruitment staff cases: compliance of the length of proceedings to the fundamental right of fair hearing within a reasonable time

Varanavicius Gediminas 
Financial services under the present structure of the EC treaty provisions on free movement of services and capital: between Scylla and Charybdis

Zalans Martins 
The Enforceability of Netting of Financial Obligations Under the Legislation of the Republic of Latvia

2002/2003 academic year

Aavik Kalev
The requirement of “individual character” in the Design Directive and the Design Regulation

Andresson Airi
Environmental state aid in European Community law: in search for sustainable development in the energy sector

Budrys Rytis
Locus standi in private enforcement of state aids in national courts

Cirule Dace
Plea bargaining – compatibility with Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights, international experience and prospects for Latvia

Dulevskis Normunds
Secession from a federal state

Geiba Inta
Current and proposed EC Merger Regulation: room for improvement

Ignatovics Dmitrijs
Concept of contract adaptation in commercial law

Ivanauskas Justas
Consumer disputes in cross-border e-commerce. Is ODR ready to offer effective redress?

Jarinovska-Buka Kristine
Freedom of information in Latvia and the EU: translating theory to reality

Jesilevskis Jevgenijs
Advantages and drawbacks of Commission notices in EU competition law matters

Juscenko Silvija
Constitutionality of restrictions on freedom of expression in Latvia: theory and practice

Kadziauskas Giedrius
Hate on the Internet: possible mechanisms of regulation

Kaulina Sandra
“The right to one’s name” – the Latvian case

Kugyte Jurate
Pathological arbitration clauses in international commercial arbitration: achieving effectiveness

Laganovskis Sandris
Unlawful intervention in the motion of civil aviation

Liepa Indrikis
Convertible debt as a mean of company financing: Latvian rules on international scene

Novicka Sandija
Use of the ECHR’s argumentation in arbitration proceedings: when, how?

Osis Girts
The protection of software by copyright and software patentability in Europe

Paeglite Maija
Status and rights of non-citizens of Latvia: a perspective toward accession to the European Union

Plaksins Emils
The scope of human rights derogations under the ECHR in the light of counter-terrorism campaigns

Puscius Kestutis
SE company: modern developments in European company law

Razauskas Algirdas
Application of the EC competition law to the legal profession: a broader perspective

Snipe Arta
Financing of political parties: effectiveness of regulation – the Latvian example

Spridzans Ansis
Clash of jurisdictions in cross-border banking business: problem and solutions

Springe Aija
Biomedicine and human rights: embryonic stem cell research

Saltinyte Loreta
Is there an obligation erga omnes to investigate and prosecute the crime of torture under customary international law

Sarohina Irina
Foreign arbitral awards in Russian Federation: problems of enforcement

Saurina Dace
PayPal and its legal status from the EU law perspective

Urbanavicius Jonas
External actions of the European Union and the sovereignty of its Member States

Vaigauskaite Laima
Domestic violence against women in Lithuania: right to remedy

Vaitkeviciute Neringa
Reasonableness and damages under the CISG

Vali Janek
International Convention on Arrest of Ships, 1999: continuity of the principles of the 1952 Arrest Convention

Vatenaite Lina
Efficiency assessment under the EC merger control regime

Vels Katrin
Trade restrictions on animal welfare grounds in the European Union

Zadraks Gints
Making fairness a reality in European consumer contracts: critical analysis of some aspects of the Directive 93/13/EEC

Zinkevica Liene
Duties and liabilities of company directors under Latvian law: a comparative analysis

Levkans Valdis
Transparency in courts in Latvia on the basis of practice of European Court of Human Rights

Pearson (Strelcova) Viktorija
European approach towards territorial exclusivity provisions in technology licensing agreements

Senkans Gatis
‘Legitimacy’ of restriction on freedom of religion under European Convention on Human Rights

2001/2002 academic year

Ginta Apele
Provisions of arbitration agreements for consolidation of arbitration proceedings in multiparty commercial transactions

Mara Bekere
Legislation governing the arbitration proceedings in Latvia

Eva Berlaus
Essential facilities doctrine in EC competition law

Anda Bimbere
International terrorism: problems and solutions with regard to prosecution of suspected terrorists

Ilmars Blumbergs
Participation in municipality elections: it’s role in society integration on the way towards the European Union

Ilze Bukaldere
Transfer of personal data to third countries under the EU Data Protection Directive

Kristine Cimziete
Concept of fairness in standard consumer contracting in the European Community

Kristine Dupate
Development of implementation of principle of equal treatment for men and women as regards access to employment provided by Article 141 EEC and Directive 76/207/EC

Kaspars Herbsts
Similarity and likelihood of confusion in European and Latvian trade mark laws

Olavi Jänes
Hardship – contemporary expression of clausula rebus sic stantibus

Andris Jaunberzins
Liability of the carrier in transportation of goods by road (CMR)

Edgars Kalnins
The concept of ‘parental responsibility’ in instruments on judicial cooperation – developments in the European Community considering the work of the Hague Conference on Private International Law

Ivo Klotins
Choice of the arbitral situs: a perspective also for Riga

Giedrius Kolesnikovas
Legal defensive tactics against “hostile” takeovers: comparative analysis of EU, US and Lithuanian jurisdictions

Kristi Kullerkup
European Union social citizenship: balancing economic and social rights

Sigita Lidaka
The Human Rights Committee and permissibility of reservations to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Maris Liguts
Bad faith in abusive domain name registration

Inga Medvecka
Seller`s obligation to cure defects in international and Latvian national sales

Jelena Petrakova
Seller’s remedies for the breach of the international sales contract

Linda Pucena (Andersone)
Implementation of Council Directive 93/13/EEC on Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts

Martins Pujats
Impact of union citizenship on free movement of persons in the European Union

Anneli Raadik
Impact of European Court of Justice judgments in Daily Mail and Centros

Juris Raudzeps
Restrictions on the freedom of expression of journalists in Europe and Latvia

Inese Rozentale
States engaged in international arbitration

Inese Rubene
Application of the country of origin principle in television advertising

Harijs Sondors
Striking balance: multidisciplinary partnerships vs. the core values of the legal profession

Kristine Stege
Concept of consent as a legitimising precondition for exhaustion of trade mark rights in the European Community

Agnese Strante (Kazakeviča)
Exceptions and limitations to copyright in respect to lending and copying provided by libraries

Francis Svilans
Coordination of ratification of mixed agreements in the European Community

Jekaterina Sevcuka
Minority right to use their language in education

Agnese Vanaga (Medne)
What are the conditions under which the European Community would have competence to ban tobacco advertising under the internal market provision in Article 95

FEU/MEL students 2001/2002 academic year

Drevina Kristine
Growing convergence between free movement of goods and free movement of services

Danelsons Renars
Protection of human rights in the European Union

Zikuna Oksana
Freedom of establishment and direct taxation in the European Union in the light of decisions of the European Court of Justice

Brizgo Maris
Interactions between the community law and the common foreign and security policy: legal regulation of economic sanctions

Zikmane Anita
Access of Justice in the European Community

Skibele Egita
Burden of proof in actions for annulment brought by a private applicant to challenge communities acts

Punkstins Einars
Multinational concentrations: future challenges for EC competition policy regarding the merger control regime in a global economy

Medina Laila
Human rights and competition law: protection of the rights of undertakings under investigation in EC competition cases

Matijesku Zaneta
Public right of access to information in the European Union

Aizsils Jorens
Interantional Agreements within the Legal System of the EC

Jekabsons Guntis
The principle of supremacy and National Constitutional law

Konstante Ruta
Public procurement: the possibilities for integrating environmental cosiderations into public procurement

Balode Esmeralda
State defences in community law: legal defences in enforcement actions against the States

Vitols Andris
Justification of the Restrictions on the Freedoms Guaranteed by the EC Treaty: the Proportionality Issue

Mikelsone Jolanta
Is inadmissibility of preliminary rulings the best instrument to cope with the growing case-load of the European Court of Justice?

2000/2001 academic year

Argale Dana
Disclosure of sensitive personal data to third parties.

Bieksa Laurynas
Determination of Refugee Status: inclusion clauses

Bokka Perit
Flexible Integration in the European Union: Effects on Enlargement

Cernostana Marija
Extraterritorial application of European Community competition rules

Cirule Ieva
Choice of applicable law in international contracts.

Freimane Inese
Implementation of international treaties in national legal system

Gozitis Aigars
Applicable law and place of forum in international computerzied contractual transactions

Jakovlev Aleksandrs
Legal professional privilege in the European Community competition law

Jefremova Tatjana
Human rights as limits to the Commission’s investigative powers in EC competition infringement procedure

Juonys Marius
Application of anti-avoidance provisions of Lithuanian tax legislation with respect to the trans-border activities of the associated enterprises

Juozaitis Mindaugas
Lex Incorporations vs. SIEGE REEL – Legal struggle at the expense of commercial companies

Kalniskane Inga
Validity of the arbitration clause in the international commercial contracts.

Korna Karina
The concept of jus cogens in doctrine and practice

Krieke (Tulina) Jekaterina
Reverse discrimination in the field of free movement of goods

Krieva Aiga
Declarations and reservations to the Council of Europe Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities.

Kvjatkovska Jelena
Dual protection of human rights within the European Union: problems and solutions

Lavina Lelde
The protection of advertising under EC Treaty Provisions on Free Movement of Goods and Services – Article 28 and Article 49

Lukosiute Asta
EC competition law in an oligopolistic market

Lustika Evita
Enforcement issues of intellectual property rights regarding geographical information

Melesko Aleksandra
Common European security and defence policy: Will the European Union rival NATO?

Mezgaile Ilze
Challenge of European Community Acts by non-privileged applicants under Article 230 of the EC Treaty

Misneva Anna
The domain name system and trademark disputes

Nikulceva Inese
The constitutional impact of the Eastward enlargement upon the European Union

Pommers Ivars
Standard contracts in international trade: Standard contracts in European timber trade

Raudzeps Raivo
Military Court: the most appropriate model for Latvia

Rektina Anita
Child’s rights in transition period in Latvia.

Rozentalberga Zanda
Implementation of EU securities law: perspective for Latvia.

Rupenheits Agris
The definition of the relevant of product market of an undertaking in dominant position under EC competition law

Rutkauskas Mindaugas
Jurisdictional issues of e-commerce: choce of forum, applicable law and enforcement of judgments.

Sakarne Kristine
Seller’s liability under Article 42 of the CISG: Grounds, limitations and exceptions

Silaraja Kaija
The concept of “an Undertaking” under Article 81 & 82 of the EC Treaty and under the Seventh Council Directive 83/394EEC on Consolidated Accounts

Skujeniece Vineta
The conditions for state liability in Community law: existing problems

Stare Zane
Interference with the right to privacy (Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights) in the interests of national security and for the prevention of crime.

Svarca Inga
First demand guarantees for the security of contractual obligations

Vasiljeva Ksenija
1968 Brussels Convention and EU Council Regulation No 44/2001: Jurisdiction in consumer contracts concluded online

Visomirskis Linas
EU Competition Law: Article 82 (ex 86) of the EC Treaty and its enforcement

Zemitis Martins
“Constitutional moment in transitional: from private interests to social contract ”

1999/2000 academic year

Brodins Indulis
Avoidance of contracts with special regard to contracts of sale

Bule Lilita
Non-contractual liability of public authorities

Ceica Ilona
The 1980 Rome Convention on the law applicable to contractual obligations: A perspective of uniformity of choice of law rules also for Latvia

Dzerins Edgars
The use of choice of law and forum clauses in the cyber-contractual relations

Ermsone Daiga
The impact of European Union co-ordination rules of social security schemes on the legislation of the Baltic States

Gaigule Kristine
Regulation of the carrier’s liability in international transportation of goods

Gemke Aleksandrs
Regulation of mergers as part of competition law and transnational corporations – globalization tendencies

Pozdnakova Alla
Horizontal direct effect of European Community directives

Grinvalde Lasma
Jurisdiction and applicable law in international arbitration

Kellers Gints
Harmonization of Latvia’s legislation with the EU laws in the field of taxation

Kronberga Lolita
Proportionality in administrative law

Ozola Zita
The liberalisation process of telecommunications in Latvia according to the EU policy

Petrovs Aleksandrs
Implementation of EC environmental law: experience of Europe and perspective for the candidate states. Environmental impact assesment

Pevko Martins
Internet taxation

Rozite Marika
Protection of creditors’ interests in international insolvency cases

Silis Janis
Analyses of distinctive legislative approaches towards electronic documents and electronic authentication (digital signatures)

Sproge Evika
The right of access to personal information: Article 8 or Article 10 in the European Convention of Human Rights?

Svikis Karlis
Protection of the Consumers’ rights in electronic commerce: Right of withdrawal

Vanaga Inese
Rights and obligations of third persons in the event of reorganisation of an enterprise

Zvejsalniece Brigita
Protection of rights derived from trademarks in EU law; interrelations with the principle of free movement of goods

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