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RGSL Research Papers

The present series of Research Papers documents the broad range of innovative scholarly work undertaken by RGSL academic staff, students, guest lecturers and visiting scholars from 2011.
ISSN 1691-9254

No. 20
Christy L. Kollmar
A blind casting into the evidential sea:  the interplay between fundamental rights and the efficacy of leniency programmes
January 2018
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Annija Samuša
Modernization of the current cannabis legal framework and its potential economic gains
June 2017
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No. 18
Laura Grava
Personal data protection in the EU – cooperation and competences of EU and national data protection institutions and bodies
April 2017
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No. 17
Sandra Lielbarde
Concept of seafarer before and after the Maritime Labour Convention 2016: Comparative analysis of the legal effects of defining legal concepts in the shape of legal terminology
March 2017
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No. 16
Mārtiņš Mits
The European Convention on Human rights and democratisation of Latvia
October 2016
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No. 15
Vladlena Lavrushyna
European Union Policy in Respect of the Settlement of Investment Disputes
June 2016
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No. 14
Julija Dzigulska
Subsurface property rights in Latvia: Public interest over private rights?

May 2016
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No. 13
Vafa Muradli
The legal and economic framework of natural gas supply: the role of Shah Deniz Stage 2
April 2016
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No. 12
Christopher Goddard
A voice in the wilderness? Legal linguistics in search of a place in the curriculum

March 2016
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No. 11
Karina Naumova
Legal aspects of transcription of personal names in the Latvian language
December 2014
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Ilze Rūse
Interest representation in advocating EU legislative proposals. How active are interest groups in Latvia?
Interešu pārstāvēšana, ietekmējot Eiropas likumdošanu. Cik aktīvas ir Latvijas nevalstiskās organizācijas?

May 2013
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No. 9
Jekaterina Kudrjavceva
Issues surrounding registration of colour trade marks
December 2012
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No. 8
Laura Ratniece
An economic analysis of the duty to inspect goods pursuant to the CISG and CESL
December 2012
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No. 7
Karin Madisson
Duties and liabilities of company directors under German and Estonian law: a comparative analysis

February 2012
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No. 6
Predrag Zenović
Human rights enforcement via peremptory norms – a challenge to state sovereignty

January 2012
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No. 5
Gábor Péter Palásti   
Lecture notes on the introduction to private/civil law

March 2011
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No. 4
Megi Medzmariashvili
Pre-emptive self-defence against states harbouring terrorists

January 2011
(Download pdf file) 

No. 3
Olga Bondare
Joining the European Monetary Union:
Institutional considerations and economic impact on new Member States

January 2011
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No. 2
Valts Nerets
Nationality of investors in ICSID arbitration

January 2011
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No. 1
Paul Kendall Cooper
Is there a case for the abolition of ‘shall’ from EU legislation?

January 2011
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