Fees & funding

Financing your studies and student life

Bachelor Programmes fees 2018/2019 academic year

Programme Per academic year (EUR) Total per programme (EUR)
Law and Business 3 500 10 500
Law and Diplomacy 3 500  10 500

One-year Masters Programmes fees 2018/2019 academic year

Programme Total per programme (EUR)
International and European Law  5 500
Public International Law and Human Rights 5 500
Transborder Commercial Law 5 500
European Union Law and Policy 5 500
Law and Finance 6 500

 Two-year Masters Programmes fees 2018/2019 academic year 

Programme Total per programme (EUR)
International and European Law   8 500
Law and Finance 11 000


Funding options

RGSL grants

RGSL Excellence Award for Outstanding Local Applicant

RGSL offers free study places to outstanding local secondary school graduates. The Excellence Award for Outstanding Local Applicants, which covers tuition fees for one semester, has been established to give the most promising students who strive for excellence and a chance to choose a quality education in their homeland. RGSL will offer one free study place on each of the Bachelor's programmes: “Law and Diplomacy” and “Law and Business”.

In order to apply for the Excellence Award, future students must submit their application documents and a motivation letter about the opportunity to study at RGSL for free. The RGSL Tuition Fee Waivers Committee will review all applications, taking into consideration the applicant’s academic performance (weighted average grade) and compliance with admission requirements according to the Rules of Admission and Study Agreement. Only residents of Latvia are eligible for the Excellence Award for Outstanding Local Applicants.

RGSL Excellence Award for Outstanding Foreign Applicants

Riga Graduate School of Law offers tuition fee waivers to foreign students on the Bachelor and Masters programmes. RGSL strives to make its programmes more accessible to students from Europe and worldwide, and encourages students to enrol at a university that offers a highly respected international law education.

In order to apply for a scholarship which cover tuition fees for one academic year, the candidate must submit application documents and a letter of motivation concerning the opportunity to win this scholarship. The RGSL Tuition Fee Waivers Committee will review all applications, taking into consideration the applicant’s academic performance (overall average grade) and compliance with admission requirements according to the Rules of Admission and Study Agreement. Only those students who are not currently registered as residents of Latvia are considered as foreign students and eligible for a study place tuition waiver. The commission may take into account geographical criteria when considering tuition fee waivers.

In the next academic year RGSL will offer one free study place on each Bachelor's programme – “Law and Diplomacy” and “Law and Business”, and one spot on the Masters programmes – “Law and Finance” and “International and European Law” (and its sub-programmes).

The deadline for a free study place application submission for the 2018/2019 academic year is 5 April 2018.

RGSL Student Excellence Award

To acknowledge the achievements of RGSL students, to celebrate academic excellence and to foster a motivational atmosphere, RGSL has established the RGSL Student Excellence Award. Every year the success of RGSL students will be evaluated and the award granted to the best students on each bachelor programme. The Award will grant a 500 euro tuition fee waiver for the next semester for one outstanding student on the Law and Diplomacy programme and one on the Law and Business study programme in each study year.

Other RGSL Tuition Fee Waivers

To support students from various social groups, to acknowledge the loyalty of students, graduates and RGSL employees and promote applications from prospective students, RGSL offers additional Fee Waivers for RGSL employees, children of RGSL employees, siblings of students of the RGSL, orphans, persons with 1st or 2nd degree of disability, graduates of RGSL bachelor programmes and graduates of SSE Riga. Learn more about the tution fee waivers at RGSL from the Riga Graduate Schoolof Law Regulation on Tuition Fee Waivers.

Early Admission Discount

To motivate excellent applicants that value knowledge and strive for excellence, offers all applicants – local and foreign – applying for the Bachelor and Masters studies by the Early Admission Deadline a 10% discount of the study fee for one academic year. 

Early Admissions Lottery

An Early Admissions Lottery allows this year’s applicants to win one academic year of tuition-free studies – one spot on the Bachelor programmes and one on the Masters programmes. In order to participate, applicants should submit their documents for early admission before 5 April 2018. Apply online:

Latvian Government Scholarship

Latvian Government offer scholarship for the academic year 2018/2019 in Latvia for representatives from the following countries: Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark,  Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Norway, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Peru, Poland, Portugal,  Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea, Spain, Tajikistan, The United States of America, The Peoples Republic of China, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Find out more information here

Civil Society Leadership Award

The Civil Society Leadership Awards (CSLA) provides fully-funded scholarships for masters degree study to individuals who clearly demonstrate academic and professional excellence and a deep commitment to leading positive social change in their communities. Applications are due 15 May, 2018. More information about the award is available here.

Interested applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate maturity, flexibility and civil society leadership potential;
  • Have an earned bachelor degree as of May 15, 2018 with an excellent academic record;
  • Demonstrate professional experience related to your chosen field of study;
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the language of instruction (English, German or French) at a level required for admission by host universities;
  • Be able to participate in an intensive pre-academic summer school in July or August 2019 and start their degree program in August or September 2019;
  • Be able to receive and maintain a visa or study permit as required by the host country; and
  • Demonstrate a clear commitment to their home country or region in supporting open society development.

Awards are available to citizens of the following countries: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cambodia, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Laos, Libya, Myanmar/Burma, Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria*, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

To apply online, please register on Submittable and then follow instructions.

Student loans

Students from Latvia and EU citizens, permanently residing in Latvia, are entitled to apply for a state guaranteed study loans. More information about the loans is available here