Visiting professors and visiting lecturers

Christopher Goddard M.Ed.

Visiting Lecturer
Legal Writing

Master’s Degree in Education (Sheffield, 2002)
Law Society: Solicitors’ Qualifying Examinations (Bachelor’s Degree Equivalent) (1971)
Institute of linguists: post-graduate diploma in translation (1986)

Significant Professional Experience

Between 1965 and 1983, Christopher Goddard trained, qualified in, and practised, English law. After further study and training, he was involved in international projects in Central and Eastern Europe. He has been a legal linguistic consultant at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, and as EU legal writing expert with the State Prosecutor’s office in Tbilisi as well as other European Commission projects involving language and law in the EU and Kosovo. As a practising legal linguist, he translates legal texts into English from French, German, and Russian, edits legal English texts for publishers and law firms and holds occasional seminars and workshops in professional legal writing.

From 1999 he worked closely with the Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL), where he was responsible for establishing the master’s programme in legal linguistics. He delivered courses in Continuing Professional Development for lawyers, judges, senior civil servants, translators and interpreters, and others. He also was responsible for the legal skills development and thesis preparation elements of the RGSL master’s programmes.

Current research
•    Doctoral degree in Legal Linguistics (University of Lapland)