Visiting professors and visiting lecturers

Momchil Milanov LL.M

Visiting Lecturer
Introduction to Public International Law

Master 2, University of Strasbourg, 2011
University of Sofia “St. Klimen Ohridski”
Significant Professional Experience 

  • Teaching and research assistant, University of Geneva, Global Studies Institute, 2016-2023 
  • Judicial Fellow, International Court of Justice, 2018-2019 
  • Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship Holder, University of Geneva, 2015-2016 
  • Attaché, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bulgaria, 2014-2015 
  • BlueBook Trainee, Legal Service of the European Commission, 2014 

Current research

  • Preliminary references of the lnternational Court of Justice, the judicial function and the international rule of law (University of Cambridge)

Main publications

  • The Region without Qualities: International Law and the Exclusion of Central and Eastern Europe in Fiction: an international law perspective to the legal identity of Central and Eastern Europe’, in Cosmin Cercel, Alexandra Mercescu, Mirosław Michał Sadowski (eds.) Law, Culture and Identity in Central and Eastern Europe A Comparative Engagement (Routledge 2023) 63-82; 
  • ‘State of war’, entry for the Max Planck Encyclopedia on Comparative Constitutional Law, (Oxford University Press, September 2023)
  • ‘Splitting the Atom of Nationality: the Mixed Arbitral Tribunal for Upper Silesia and the Emergence of Citizenship in International Law’ in H. Ruiz Fabri and M. Erpelding (eds.), Mixed Arbitral Tribunals, 1919–1930: An Experiment in the International Adjudication of Private Rights, Institut Max Planck de Luxembourg (Baden-Baden: Nomos 2023) 197-245;
  • « L’extraterritorialité avant la territorialisation de l’Etat : éssai sur le développement historique d’un concept protéen », in Hannah Buxbaum and Thibaut Fleury Graff (eds.), Extraterritoriality / L’extraterritorialité (Brill / Martinus Nijhoff 2022) 127-190;
  • A Lauterpachtian Affair: Security exceptions as ‘self-judging obligations’ in the case law of the ICJ and beyond’, Journal of World Investment & Trade, 22(4) (2021) 509-560;
  • ‘One hundred years of soli(dari)tude: the creation of the refugee regime and the politics of humanitarianism’ in Anne Peters and Raphael Schäfer (eds.) Politics and the Histories of International Law: The Quest for Knowledge and Justice (Brill 2021) 84-112;
  • « Nationalité, citoyenneté, apatridie: le statut international des apatrides entre l’érosion des concepts et la réaffirmation des droits », in Jean-Denis Mouton & Peter Kovacs (eds.), Le concept de citoyenneté en droit international, (Brill / Martinus Nijhoff 2019) 263-314;
  • ‘The 1868 St. Petersburg Declaration on Explosive Projectiles : A Reappraisal’, Journal of the History of International Law, 20 (2018), 515-543 (& Professor Robert Kolb);