Visiting professors and visiting lecturers

Raphael Oidtmann M.St., M.C.L., MA

Visiting Lecturer
International Criminal Law

Ph.D. Candidate in International Relations (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Master of Studies (M.St.) in International Relations (University of Cambridge, 2018)
Master of Comparative Law (M.C.L.) (University of Mannheim & University of Adelaide, 2014)
Magister Artium (M.A.) in Political Science (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, 2012)

Significant Professional Experience  

  • 08/2021 –Parliamentary and Legal Advisor, Parliament of the State of Hesse, Wiesbaden, Germany 
  • 07/2023 – Consultant, Trial Watch® Experts Panel, Clooney Foundation for Justice, New York City, United States 
  • 11/2022 – Rostered Expert for Judicial Systems, Politics and Geopolitics, Division of Legal Services, International Criminal Court, The Hague, The Netherlands
  • 08/2022 – Global Fellow, Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies, Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, United States
  • 01/2021 – Associated Researcher, Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg, Germany
  • 06/2015 – Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Law, University of Mannheim, Germany
  • 12/2022 – 02/2023    Legal Consultant, United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials (UNAKRT), Phnom Penh, Cambodia & New York, United States
  • 03/2021 – 10/2022    Associated Postgraduate (‘doctorant associé’), Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin, Germany
  • 01/2021 – 08/2021     Scientific Advisor to the Executive Director, Peace Research Institute Frankfurt – PRIF (Leibnitz-Institut Hessische Stiftung Friedens- und Konfliktforschung), Frankfurt am Main, Germany 
  • 09/2017 – 12/2020    Deputy Head, Educational Development Centre, Department of Educational Development, University of Mannheim, Germany
  • 01/2015 – 12/2020    Research Fellow and Lecturer, Department of Law, University of Mannheim, Germany
  • 08/2015 – 08/2017    Research Fellow and Lecturer, Chair for Public Law, International and European Law, Media Law (Professor Dieter Dörr), Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany
  • 08/2014 – 12/2014    Study Programme Manager, Department of Law, University of Mannheim, Germany

Current research

Raphael’s principal teaching and research interests pertain to (general) international law, international criminal law, the history of international law, human rights and the law of armed conflict as well as international relations theory and history, geopolitics, international security studies and European Union integration. Recently, his research has focussed on (1) the actorness qualities of international institutions, in particular international (criminal) courts and tribunals, (2) the notion of global health in the context of international law as well as (3) questions of implementing and maintaining (international criminal) jurisdiction in areas of limited statehood (such as the High Seas, the Arctic, or Antarctica).

Main publications

  • Raphael Oidtmann, Silvia Steininger & William Hamilton Byrne (2023): ‘The Blind Men and the Elephant: An Empirical Analysis of the “Social Sciences” in International Law‘, Nordic Journal of International Law (21 pages manuscript, forthcoming).
  • Raphael Oidtmann (2022): ‘Reconciling Conflicting Norms of Customary International Law –Towards a Mode of Practical Concordance at the International Court of Justice’, in: Panos Merkouris, Jörg Kammerhofer, Noora Arajärvi (eds.), ‘The Theory and Philosophy of Customary International Law and its Interpretation’, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press (15 pages manuscript, forthcoming).
  • Raphael Oidtmann (2022): ‘Book Review: Richard Gaskins. The Congo Trials in the International Criminal Court. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2020. Pp. 475. ISBN: 978-1108488013’, European Journal of International Law, Vol.34(2), 538-542.