Visiting professors and visiting lecturers

Valters Kaže Dr.oec.

Visiting Professor

Dr.oec. [Doctor of Economics] (University of Latvia, 2014)
M.Sc.oec. [Master of Economics] (University of Latvia, 1998)
B.Sc.oec. [Bachelor of Economics] (University of Latvia, 1996)
Tālākizglītības diplomi:
Contemporary University Education Didactics (University of Latvia, 2019)
Management Teachers Academy (CEEMAN SLovenia, 2019)
University Pedagogics (University of Latvia, 2011)

Significant Professional Experience

  • Ex Novo, CEO and Managing Partner, 2011 - …
  • Motival Delopment, Partner, 2018 - …
  • RISEBA University of Applied Sciences, Associate Professor and Lead Researcher 2017 -…
  • Riga Business School, Visiting Professor, 1999 - …
  • Amber Beverage Group – SPI Group, Global CMO and Board Member / CCO / International Brand Director, 2010-2017
  • Balta - RSA Group, Strategy, Marketing and Customer Director / Sales Development Director, 2001-2010
  • SEB Bank, Marketing and Products Director / Head of Strategy and Research, 1995-2001
  • Latvian Deposit Bank, Market Research Analyst, 1993-1994
  • Parliament of Latvia, PA to MP, 1992-1993

Current research

  • Development of Values-Based Skills to Increase the Quality of Human Capital (2019-2021), Scientific Project Leader / Project by: Motival Development LP and RISEBA University of Applied Sciences, co-financed by European Regional Development Fund to develop prototype of IT system linking human personal values and skills in labour market
  • Communities of Practice as a Tool in Adult Education (2019-2020), Researcher / Project NPAD-2019/10011 by Problem-Based Learning Institute and RISEBA University of Applied Sciences, co-financed by Nordplus programme to provide recommendations for COP facilitation
  • Noncommercial Alcohol in the Baltic States (2014-2019), Project manager in the Baltics / ICAP2013 project implemented in collaboration of International Center for Alcohol Policies (USA) with University of Latvia, Tartu University and Kaunas University of Technology with an objective to estimate the socio-economic impact of unregistered alcohol consumption in Latvia, its impact on fiscal revenues and public health, explain consumer motivation and provide policy recommendations.
  • Analysis of illegal alcohol market and its impact on community health and state revenues to provide recommendations for state authorities on fighting the issue (2014-2015), Project manager / 01-LADRIA-2014 project implemented in collaboration between LADRIA industry association and University of Latvia to assess the impact of illicit alcohol consumption on public health and state fiscal revenues in Latvia
  • Analysis of the Baltic beverage market development perspectives (2013-2014), Researcher / 01-LADRIA-2013 project implemented in collaboration between LADRIA industry association and University of Latvia to identify mechanisms and consumption patterns driving the insustry and assess its export potential in order to recommend official regulation policies
  • The Impact of International and EU Tax Policies on Business Environment of Latvia (2009), Researcher / Project No. 42-ZP110-070 by: University of Latvia
  • The Issues of Restructuring Latvian Economy in New Economy (2004), Researcher / Project No. 23 by: University of Latvia

Main publications

  • Kaže V., Bolinskis G., Kurovs J. (2020). Visual Images-Based Approach for Measuring Personal Values. Prepared for publication.
  • Strazda A., Kaže V. (2020). Linking Personal Values with Skills and Competencies for a Sustainable Development of Human Capital. Prepared and submitted for publication in Social Sciences (ISSN 2076-0760).
  • Kaže V. (ed.) (2016). Monograph “Improvement of Competitiveness of Latvian Manufacturing Enterprises in People's Republic of China Market”. Bulis A., Škapars R., Šķiltere D. (ISBN: 978-9934-18-176-4). Riga: University of Latvia, 168 lpp.
  • Kaže V., Strateičuks A., Škapars R. (2014) Social Values and Consumption Patterns in Non-commercial Alcohol Market of Latvia. Economics and Management, Vol. 17 No. 4 (ISSN 1822-6515). Kaunas: KUT, 1464-1471. (
  • Kaže V., Škapars R., Bolinskis G. Consumer Social Values behind the Grey Economy. Intellectual Economics, Vol. 5 No. 3 (ISSN 1822-8038). Vilnius: Mykolas Romeris Universitetas, 416-433. (
  • Kaže V., Strateičuks A., Škapars R. (2013). Impact of Changes in Excise Tax Rate for Strong Alcohol on Consumption and State Revenues in Latvia. WASET Journal, Issue 64/2012 (ISSN 2010-3778), Paris: WASET, 657-660. (https://
  • Strateičuks A., Kaže V., Škapars R. (2014). Impact of the Changes in Excise Tax for Alcohol on the State Revenues and Market Players. DU 53rd ISC (ISBN 978-9984-14-563-1). DU (
  • Kaže V. (2014). Illicit Noncommercial Alcohol Market in Latvia (ISBN: 978-9934-517-31-0). Riga: University of Latvia, 93 p. (

Over 20 more publications 1998-2012 on variety of issues in behavioural economics