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Premises for rent

Host an event at RGSL

RGSL premises are suitable for organising conferences, seminars, trainings, meetings and other events. The premises for rent are provided starting from few hours up to the longer rental periods.

Prices are available here.

For more information, please contact us:

+371 67039332

The price includes:

  • Overhead projector and screen
  • Whiteboard, flip-chart
  • Set-up upon the requirements

Conference Rooms

RGSL can offer solutions for conferences up to 100 people.


Room W42 is the biggest auditorium at RGSL and serves as a perfect place for conferences and other events.

Theatre plan: 100 seats
Area: 108m²

Room W23 is a smaller room, which is suitable for smaller conferences and workshops.

Theatre plan: 53 seats
Area: 50m²

Seminar Rooms

RGSL is a great venue for hosting small or medium-sized seminars. 

Room W20 (Senate Room) is a recently renovated auditorium, offered in three layouts: classroom, U-shape and round table. 

Classroom: 40 seats
U-shape: 25-30 seats
Round table: 30 seats
Area: 74m²

Room W31 is a medium-sized auditorium with a special panel on its right, which makes it a great place for moot courts. It is also suitable for seminars and lectures. 

The only possible layout is classroom. 

Classroom: 25 seats
Area: 55m²

Room W41 is a classical flat auditorium suitable for lectures and seminars. 

Two layouts are possible: classroom and U-shape. 

Classroom: 30 seats
U-shape: 24 seats
Area: 60m²

Room A70 is located at 7th floor and is well suited for both seminars and small receptions. 

Classroom: 28-30 seats

Ground floor gallery & Courtyard

Receptions in the gallery on the ground floor can be extended to the courtyard (outside) offering space for up to 200 people.

Translation equipment

Prices per day for simultaneous translation equipment

Translation equipment, including:
1 interpreter booth
2 translator systems and 2 microphones
Technical assistance

Additional interpreter booth: €145

Individual headphones and wireless receiver (for 1 person): €1.40
Additional wireless microphone: €15

Coffee breaks

It is also possible to arrange coffee breaks, receptions, and lunches using catering company services. In this case we charge additional 15% on the price of the catering services.

Full event organisation

In case RGSL undertakes complete organization of the event (including registration of the participants, contacting translators, preparing conference materials, etc.) we charge additional 10–25% on the total expenditures, depending on the degree of our involvement in the organisation activities.