About the Library

The library holds an impressive collection of law books, legal journals, and yearbooks, and provides access to valuable legal databases, including Westlaw International, HeinOnline, Kluwer Law, Oxford University databases, and others. Library catalogue is accessible as a part of the Union Catalogue of the Latvian libraries. The accreditation of the Library was renewed in 2013 by the Ministry of Culture.

Currently the library is expanding its coverage to accommodate the new interdisciplinary programmes offered by RGSL. In addition, the SSE Riga library on business and economics in the same building is available for students, and inter-library relations and document delivery services have been established throughout Latvia and Europe.

The library collection may be used respecting use provisions set by the Library Regulations. The databases could be used in the premises of the library.

Workspaces in the library are available for students, with full access to Internet and printing facilities. Workspaces enjoy an undisturbed view over the rooftops of Art Nouveau Riga, with access to a rooftop terrace for relaxation.

The library is a founder member of the Consortium of Legal Resource Centres and Legal Information Specialists for Central and Eastern Europe and an active member of the International Association of Law Libraries (IALL) and the Association of Latvian Academic Libraries (LATABA).

The library was opened to the public in 1997 with the financial support of Soros Foundation Latvia. In 1999 Soros Foundation Latvia donated the Law Library to the RGSL which had officially started operating.