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Edina Harbinja PhD

Privātums un datu aizsardzība

PhD (University of Strathclyde, 2017)
LLM (Distinction) (University of Strathclyde, 2011)
LLB (Hons.) (University of Sarajevo, 2007)

Nozīmīgākā profesionālā pieredze

  • Senior lecturer in media/privacy law, Aston University, October 2018-present
  • Senior lecturer in law, University of Hertfordshire, August 2014 - October 2018
  • Tutor of law, University of Strathclyde, September 2012 – August 2014

Aktuālais pētniecības darbs

  • Digital assets and post-mortem privacy
  • Digital rights and platform regulation
  • Regulatory theory

Galvenās publikācijas

  • Harbinja, Edina, Digital death, digital assets and post-mortem privacy: Theory, technology, and the law (EUP, 2021, forthcoming)
  • Harbinja, Edina and Henry Pearce, ‘Your data will never die, but you will: A comparative analysis of US and UK post-mortem data donation frameworks’ (2020, in progress)
  • Leiser, M. & Harbinja, E., ‘Content not available: Why the UK proposal for a ‘package of platform safety measures’ will harm free speech’ (2020) Santa Clara High Technology Law Journal (accepted, in press)
  • Edwards, L. & Harbinja, E ‘Be Right Back’: What Rights Do We Have over Post-mortem Avatars of Ourselves?’ in Edwards, L., Schafer, B. & Harbinja, E. (eds.), Future law: Emerging Technology, Ethics and Regulation (Edinburgh University Press, 2020, in press)
  • Harbinja, Edina, ‘The ‘newish’ property, informational bodies and immortality’, in Maggi Savin-Baden and Victoria Mason-Robbie, Digital Afterlife, (Taylor and Francis (US), 2020, in press)
  • Harbinja, Edina, ‘Posthumous Medical Data Donation: The Case for a Legal Framework’ in Luciano Floridi and Jenni Krutzinna, eds, The Ethics Of Medical Data Donation, Philosophical Studies Series, Vol. 137, (Springer, 2019)
  • Harbinja, Edina, 'Emails and Death: Legal Issues Surrounding Post - Mortem Transmission of Emails', (2019) Death Studies 43(7)
  • Harbinja, Edina ‘Social media and death’ in Lorna Gillies and David Mangan (eds) The Legal Challenges of Social Media (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017)
  • Harbinja, Edina ‘Post-mortem privacy 2.0: Theory, law and technology’ (2017) 31 International Review of Law, Computers & Technology
  • Harbinja, Edina ‘Legal Nature of Emails: A Comparative Perspective’ (2016) 14 Duke Law and Technology Review 227
  • Harbinja, Edina ‘Virtual Worlds – a Legal Post-Mortem Account’ (2014) 10(3) SCRIPT-ed 2
  • Edwards, Lilian and Harbinja, Edina ‘Protecting Post-Mortem Privacy: Reconsidering the Privacy Interests of the Deceased in a Digital World’ (2013) 32(1) Cardozo Arts & Entertainment 101