Short duration programmes

Specialised online courses

Course duration
one month
Study language
Tuition fee
Free of charge

Course details

Study format

Each course has 32 teaching hours consisting of lectures and seminars. Within each course, the selected participants will undergo intensive studies and earn 1.5 ECTS credit points upon passing the exam associated with their course.

Course sessions take place on specified days via Zoom platform. In total, the participants will meet 3 times a week. All course participants will also have access to the RGSL study portal, where course materials will be available.

Participants are expected to fulfil the assignments during the course as well as pass an exam upon its completion.

Eligible participant profile

Eligible candidates are professionals from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, with at least two years of work experience in the public sector, non-governmental organisations or academia, and an undergraduate degree (bachelor level degree).

Course specialisations

•    Economic Development and International Trade
•    European Political Economy
•    Macroeconomics
•    International Economics
•    European Union Law
•    Fundamental Rights
•    Public International Law
•    International Conflict and Dispute Settlement
•    Good Governance
•    Challenges to Democracies
•    Anti-Corruption
•    European Integration and Decision Making

A more precise schedule of courses will be announced shortly. 

April 2021: European Integration and Decision Making

The course will take place throughout April 2021. 

The course objective is to explain the institutional system in the European Union and to emphasize the interaction between the EU institutions and power-relation in the decision-making process. Course participants will also be introduced with Latvia’s experience in the EU integration process.

The course will be taught by RGSL Professor Dr.Ilze Rūse, who is also a senior diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia. She holds a Dr.phil. in Political Science from the University of Salzburg, Centre of European Union Studies, 2011, as well as Master’s Degree in International Relations from the Stockholm University, 2000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am a national of a country that is not on the list of eligible countries. Can I apply?
A: Unfortunately, no. The list of eligible countries is exhaustive.

Q: Is there an age limit for the programme?
A: No, no age limits are applied.

Q: What is the minimum IELTS/TOEFL score?
A: The required minimum level is 525 points for TOEFL (for a computer test - 196; Internet-based test - 69-70) and 5.5 for IELTS.

Q: I don’t have an IELTS/TOEFL score. Could I prove my English proficiency by some other means?
A: Yes, as an alternative, you may submit a letter from your employer, confirming your ability to undertake studies in English.

Q: I am an undergraduate student. Can I apply?
A: Candidates can apply to the programme if they have obtained at least a first-level university degree (Bachelor degree) at the time of application.

Q: I have a University degree, but not in Law. Can I apply?
A: Yes, having a degree in Law is not obligatory.

Q: What kind of professional experience is required?
A: Applicants should have recent professional experience (at least past 2-3 years) in the public sector (government and municipal institutions, public offices), non-governmental organisations or academia.

Q: I am working at a law firm/banking sector/limited liability company. Can I apply?
A: Regretfully, applicants working in the private sector are not eligible.

Q: I am not working at the moment. Can I apply?
A: Candidates with no job experience for the past few years are not eligible.

Q: Can I send you some documents after the application deadline?
A: No new documents will be accepted after the application deadline.

Q: How can I submit my recommendation letter?
A: You need to indicate your referee’s e-mail in the application form. Then, your referee would submit a recommendation letter directly to the application system.

Q: The referee has received a link to the application system. How much time does he/she have to submit the reference?
A: The referee has to submit a reference until the application deadline.

Q: Can I participate in two or more courses?
A: No, you can only participate in one specialised online course.

Q: I applied for one course but got rejected. I am also interested in the topic of another specialised course – can I apply?
A: Yes, you may apply again. Not being selected for one course does not preclude you from applying for other specialised courses.

Q: Will these courses take place in Riga?
A: No, the specialised courses take place online. 

Q: Do I have to attend all the lectures?
A: In order to receive 1.5 ECTS, you have to attend at least 80% of all lectures and pass a final exam.

Q: I got selected for one course, but I cannot participate due to personal reasons. Can I transfer my place to another course?
A: No, regretfully, places can not be transferred. If you are interested in the topic of another course, you would have to apply and pass the selection again.

Q: What language is are courses taught in?
A: All courses are taught exclusively in English.

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Key information

Eligible countries• Kazakhstan
• Kyrgyzstan
• Tajikistan
• Turkmenistan
• Uzbekistan
Application deadline for the April course8 March, 23:59 EET