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Student Association

At the heart of student life

The Student Association of the Riga Graduate School of Law (SA RGSL) is a students’ self-governing body.

The goals and purposes of the SA RGSL are:

  • Creation of the mutual relationships of students and protection of interests of students
  • Organisation of student’s life in accordance with their wishes and interests
  • Promotion of international contacts and programmes in the judicial branch among the students of RGSL
  • Settlement of other questions connected with academic and professional life of students

RGSL Student Association 2022/2023

President - Julija Banceviča
Vicepresident - Letīcija Kalniņa
Secretary - Niklāvs Daugavvanags

Business committee - Nikola Meļko
International Committee - Monta Skrastiņa
Sports Committee - Rihards Grinaško
Event Committee - Karmena Turka
Marketing Committee - Samanta Seņina
Education Committee - Artjoms Starovoitovs

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The members of the SA RGSL are students who currently study at the RGSL. Associated members of SA RGSL are honorary members, seniors and inspectors.

The SA RGSL is organised as follows:

  • The General Meeting of the SA RGSL and the Board of the SA RGSL  are deciding institutions
    The General Meeting of the members of the SA RGSL is the highest decision-making institution.
    The Board of the SA RGSL consists of the president, vice-president and heads of committees of the SA RGSL. The main function of the board is to execute decisions adopted at the general meeting. 
  • President and vice-president of the SA RGSL
    The president of the SA RGSL represents the association, oversees and ensures implementation of the decisions of general meeting, conducts the work of the Board. The vice-president co-ordinates the activities of the SA RGSL committees and fulfil all the functions of the president in his absentia.
  • Committees of the SA RGSL are executive institutions
    International Committee
    Education Committee 
    Business Committee 
    Sports Committee 
    Public Relations Committee 
    Event Committee 
  • Inner auditors is  controlling body
    The inner auditors of the SA RGSL supervise economic and financial activities of the SA RGSL.
  • Associated members, seniors and inspectors are advisors
    Associated members of the SA RGSL. Any person who has actively supported the SA RGSL may be elected as the honorary member of the SA RGSL. An ex-member of the SA RGSL who supports the association may be elected as the senior. These persons have a right to participate in the general meetings and meetings of the board of the association with the right of expression.
  • Inspectors
    Any lecturer of the RGSL may be elected as the inspector of the SA RGSL. The main function of the inspector is to promote contacts among members of the SA RGSL and lecturers of the RGSL, support the association with advices.


RGSL Student Association 2021/2022

President – Terēze Rūdule
Vice-president – Julija Banceviča
Head of the International Committee – Leina Legzdiņa
Head of the Business Committee - Letīcija Kalnińa
Head of the Event Committee - Samanta Seņina
Head of the Education Committee - Ieva Remerte
Head of the Public Relations Committee - Elizabete Rimševiča
Head of the Sports Committee - Arnis Rozentāls
Secretary – Katerina Pusepa

RGSL Student Association 2020/2021

President – Reinis Aņiskovičs
Vice-president – Kristofers Kalniņš-Liberis
International Committee – Ana Mamaladze
Education Committee – Markuss Kozlinskis
Business Committee – Krišjānis Ozols
Sports Committee – Angela Martina Langi
Public Relations Committee – Žaklīna Petruņko
Event Committee – Elīna Rancāne


RGSL Student Association 2019/2020

President – Paula Kellija
Vice-president – Seema Murtuza
Secretary – Harijs Vinovskis
International Committee – Richard David Egozov
Education Committee – Svitlana Yelanska
Business Committee – Elizabete Anna Niedre
Sports Committee – Jānis Ričards Puriņš
Public Relations Committee – Elīza Beļauniece
Event Committee – Daniela Draudiņa

RGSL Student Association 2018/2019

President – Jēkabs Hugo Kisils
Vice-president – Gints Kapteinis
Secretary – Niks Narogs
International Committee – Jana Beguna
Education Committee – Eleonora Kursiša
Business Committee – Patrīcija Bodniece
Sports Committee – Raitis Griskovs
Public Relations Committee – Elīna Paeglīte
Event Committee – Diāna Priede

RGSL Student Association 2017/2018

President – Edgars Poga
Vice-president – Edvarts Pauls Indārs
Secretary – Rainers Svoks
International Committee – Roberta Zariņa
Education Committee – Sabīne Vaivodiša
Business Committee – Aksels Zingulis
Sports Committee – Sindija Bēta
Public Relations Committee – Laura Bārene
Event Committee – Marija Nudga


SA Board 2016/2017

President – Andrejs Gailis
Vice President – Annija Marta Cvetkova
Public Relations Committee chair – Zane Bērziņa
Business Committee chair – Ieva Krūzmane
Education Committee chair – Rehan Tariq
Events Committee chair – Laura Ozoliņa
Sports Organisation chair – Kristiāns Šaripo
International Organisation chair – Dace Trupovniece
Secretary – Laura Gūtmane

SA Board 2015/2016

President – Ričards Zvejnieks
Vice President – Diāna Daukša
Public Relations Committee chairwoman – Ilvija Mežiņa
Business Committee chairman – Georgs Sīlis/Elvīra Krēķe
Education Committee chairwoman – Marta Tilhena
Events Committee chairwoman – Laura Ozoliņa
International Organisation chairwoman – Tīna Vecvagare
Sports Organisations chairman – Roberts Krūmiņš
Secretary – Niklāvs Zieds

SA Board 2014/2015

President -  Ralfs Henkuzens
Vice President - Krista Šeped
Public Relations Committee chairman - Krists Feldmanis
Business Committee chairwoman - Laura Marija Randere
Education Committee chairwoman - Inita Dārziņa
Events Committee chairwoman - Sabīne Kazaka
Secretary - Ilvija Mežiņa

SA Board 2013/2014

President - Janis Eismonts
Vice President - Lauris Zvirbulis/ Ralfs Henkuzens
Public Relations Committee chairman -  Dans Domanevskis
Business Committee chairman - Deins Kluga
Education Committee chairwoman - Solveiga Sama
Events Committee chairwoman - Marta Abola
Secretary - Liga Dace

SA Board 2012/2013

President - Otto Tabuns
Vice-president - Ēriks Kristiāns Selga/ Dana Jurkjāne
Business Committee chairman - Rihards Zeilis/ chairwoman Marta Cera
Education Committee chairwoman - Kate Keita Kārkliņa
Event Committee chairwoman - Kristīne Hovalko
PR Committee chairwoman - Dana Jurkjāne/ Sarma Gintere

SA Board 2011/2012

President - Armands Leimanis
Vice-president - Krista Lubgane
Business Committee chairman - Juris Dīcmanis
Education Committee chairwoman - Līva Bažbauere
Event Committee chairwoman - Agnese Gerharde
PR Committee chairwoman - Sarma Gintere

SA Board 2010/2011

President - Edgars Grūbe
Vice-president - Kristaps Bošs
Business Committee chairwoman - Katrīna Irbe
Education Committee chairwoman - Santa Bērziņa
Event Committee chairwoman - Krista Lubgane
PR Committee chairwoman - Anete Kalnāja