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Riga Graduate School of Law (RGSL) is a specialised law school located in Northern Europe offering interdisciplinary Bachelor and Masters studies in law, which can be combined with business, international relations, finance and policy. The goal of RGSL is to provide strong international academic education within the context of an ever-changing and interconnected world. The latest data from student survey available here. 

The RGSL experience in short

Specialised law school

  • 8 Masters programmes in public and private international related subjects, including European Law, Finance, Public International Law and Human Rights, Transborder Commercial Law, EU Law and Policy, and Technology Law.
  • 2 Interdisciplinary Bachelor programmes in which law is studied in combination with business management and international relations.
  • A joint PhD programme with the University of Copenhagen.

International study and working environment

  • Home to an active and diverse community of students from more than 30 different countries.
  • Study in English with an international faculty of academics and practitioners.
  • Erasmus+ and Nordplus mobility at our 40+ partner universities across Europe and internship opportunities as well.

Individual learning environment

  • Medium-sized, specialised university offering a tailored and stimulating learning environment.
  • Students enjoy our small classes, which allow room for debate and individual questions, and ease contact with fellow students and faculty members.
  • Study approach that supports students to develop their potential through critical thinking, problem solving, and adaptability.
  • We value an open and international culture and encourage students to make the most of their studies.

Hear from our graduates and employers

Anete Kleinberga

The highlight of my experience are the relationships that I formed, especially with the professors who came from abroad. They opened up a window of opportunities… the open-minded and broad perspective was guided by the international professors. 

Moritz Wagner

The insight into EU and international law gained at RGSL provided a basis for the flexibility necessary to dive into other legal systems really quickly, and made me feel comfortable working in legal systems outside that of my country of qualification as a lawyer.

Reinis Znotiņš

Some say law is not a profession but a way of thinking…. I was lucky; I got that and much more from my time at RGSL. Now I can refer to myself as a person with a start-up mentality, one who is ready to move fast and change the status quo, but at the same time stand firm with both my feet on the ground.

Tīna Vecvagare

RGSL is a place where you, apart from your regular studies, are constantly given opportunities to participate in events such as discussions, workshops and moot courts where you add to your professional skills and network with already established professionals in the field, which is one of the many prerequisites for a successful career.

Marta Cera

Most RGSL alumni, including me, like to say that RGSL teaches you a certain “way of thinking” rather than just basic academic knowledge. By using intellectually stimulating and practical approaches, this broad and open minded “way of thinking” has been the key quality RGSL has given me as a young professional.

Elvīra Krēķe

RGSL has undoubtedly helped me to develop, not only as a professional and in gaining the necessary academic knowledge to conquer the labor market, it has also provided me with personal skills which will benefit me throughout life. RGSL provides a variety of opportunities which help us to go beyond borders

More information & questions

More information & questions